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Sunday, April 16, 2017

PAS now sounds exactly like Umno

YOURSAY | ‘Nik Abduh, if you know something wrong, you should speak out’
Drngsc: True, PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz, silence is a sheathed weapon, especially when you are the ones who are fraternising with the allegedly kleptomaniacal Umno.
When you are guilty, keeping quiet is the best option. Look at Malaysian Official 1 (MO1). That is his defence, too. He knows a lot but he keeps quiet.
Homesick: PAS leaders keep contradicting themselves. Nik Abduh, your president, without evidence, said DAP is in cahoots with a foreign power to change Malaysia politics. And what did you just say?
It seems in PAS, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing - you are just making it up as you go along.
Gaji Buta: Let the secret reveal itself? If you hear or suspect something wrong, this should be reported or investigated, not close one eye, or keep quiet and look the other way and wait for it to 'reveal itself'.
You would know this if you had taken ‘Pendidikan Moral’ in school.
FairMind: Nik Abduh has now apparently invented a new excuse for ‘the corrupt’.
In their silence amidst ‘theft’ and ‘corruption’, they are nevertheless striving to practise good values, and that when the evidence is not complete, then their silence is a sheathed weapon in letting (the secrets) reveal themselves.
My hats off to Nik Abduh for coming up with this out-of-this-world explanation.
Goldee: Nik Abduh said they knew a lot of things but wished to keep silent. But he forgot God knows what PAS and Nik Abduh know.
But God has His ways of doing things. He apparently instructed PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli to dig up all the information and reveal them to the public, which PAS refused to do so.
Rafizi is God-fearing and he did as instructed, unlike Nik Abduh who has kept silent all this while.
Analliar: Seeking the truth is a virtue so you that don't walk in darkness like a blind person pretending all is well just because your eyes are not opened to reality.
SusahKes: Wow, the transformation is indeed complete. PAS now sounds exactly like Umno.
Anonymous_1421806811: The intelligence of PAS leaders never fails to amaze me. They assume themselves to be "righteous" but their actions state otherwise. Aren't Muslims commanded to seek the truth?
Drngsc: The important point is, was former deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa a committee member of PAS in 2015 when he allegedly received the money?
That is, the material time that is important. If Rafizi had made a false statutory declaration (SD), then report him to the police or sue him. But if Rafizi speaks the truth, then shut up and accept the consequences.
Mushiro: PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said Nasharudin is now just a regular member and has no influence over the party leadership.
Takiyuddin is not denying the fact that Nasharudin received the SRC money. And as a regular member of PAS, can Nasharudin allegedly received the SRC money from PM Najib Razak, which is said to be stolen money.
The PAS leadership is condoning the fact that a regular member of PAS has received SRC money.
Anonymous_3e93: Takiyuddin, why is PAS not shocked about Nasharudin receiving the supposed ‘wang haram’?
Shouldn't PAS, on the contrary, be absolutely shocked since Nasharudin was a PAS ulama, a pious man?
Annonymous: Why no demonstration from PAS members against this alleged corruption in the party? Why so quiet? Why not condemn this ‘haram’ SRC money - all allegedly stolen from the rakyat?
Why not demand where a PAS mullah's son can own a super luxury Porsche sport car but the Kelantanese poor kampong folk are still living in poverty after so many years under PAS rule?
Spinnot: This sort of money has to be channelled through overseas personal bank accounts, just like the Arab ‘donation’.
Depositing it into a party's bank account would leave a money trail. Besides, no one has said it's for a political party.
Semua Boleh: So PAS is not interested to investigate whether other related persons might have shared the money? How about Hadi saying Rafizi lied 300 percent?
Why did you not even try to find out whether it's true or not or before responding?
Basically: Nothing to do with party? I remember Hadi was apparently gloating when they hauled up DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and how PAS doesn't associate with corrupt parties (except ‘tai kor’ party). So the last laugh is seemingly on Hadi.
We already knew anyway since 2008. There were reports about dealings in Kedah when Azizan Abdul Razak was the menteri besar, and Husam Musa's allegations of illegal logging in Kelantan, but funnily, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is only interested in RM2,000 DAP cases.

Now the dirt is finally apparently seeing the light.
CHKS: Would the first person to be punished under Hadi's amended Act 355 be Nasharudin? -Mkini

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