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Sunday, April 16, 2017


When 1MDB bought over the Sungai Besi airbase to build Bandar Malaysia, the allegations had surfaced that the company bought the land cheap to profit certain individuals at the expense of ordinary Malaysians.
However, the Opposition have chosen to focus on the gains made by 1MDB in developing the former airbase land while conveniently forgetting to mention the 8 airforce bases that the company is committed to fund and develop as part  of the sale agreement, blogger Lim Sian See has highlighted in recent Facebook updates.
One vocal critic of the sale of the airbase is none other than former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, LSS  points out.
“For over two years writing numerous blog entries and speaking at ceramahs about 1MDB, Mahathir does not seem to have ever mentioned the 8 military bases upgraded or built by 1MDB as a replacement for the Sg Besi airbase – preferring to keep insisting that 1MDB got the land cheap even though 1MDB is 100% govt owned.”
Pic: BernamaPic: Bernama
As the blogger points out, finally prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s patience in the face of these baseless provocations has revealed the truth when Najib personally paid a visit to the ongoing development at the Sendayan Airbase yesterday.
“You can see from this video that just this Sendayan base alone is way bigger and better equipped than the Sg Besi Airbase before.
“On top of this, there are also 7 other new or upgraded airbases done by 1MDB,” LSS said.
In an earlier FB posting, LSS reported that three of the eight relocation sites funded by 1MDB namely PU Gong  Kedak (Terengganu), PU Butterworth (Penang) and PU Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) Ipoh, have been completed while  the remaining five which are in the midst of being completed are PU Kuantan, PU Subang and RMP Subang (Klang Valley), PU Sendayan (Negri Sembilan) and Royal Artillery Regiment (31 RAD) Kajang.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Economic Affairs, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan had also  stated that the RM2.7b cost allocated for 8 airforce bases is funded by 1MDB(RM1.6b) and govt (RM1.1b) which he  said was made public sometime ago.
Sendayan Airforce Base is one of eight bases developed & funded by 1MDB (RM1.6b) & govt (RM1.1b). @HishammuddinH2O briefing @NajibRazak.
Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein who accompanied the prime minister during his visit had filled in the details of the 2.6 million sq.ft. project that will be the largest professional training centre for air force  officers and personnel in logistics, administration and managemen, Bernama reports.
The development of Sendayan air base project which began in 2013 when completed will bring together the three current RMAF training centres in Subang and Kinrara in Selangor and Penang under one roof.
“I could see that he was very satisfied as we all know that the Prime Minister has been attacked on this issue all  these while.
“His patience in not attending to these baseless provocations has proved worthwhile when he visited the airbase  himself. He said that his patience in facing the criticisms is worth it because we finally have the answers now,”  Hishamuddin told reporters.
In fact, the Sendayan air base is three times the size of the old airbase in Sungai Besi, while the combined total  of the “whole 8 locations (including sendayan) is 6.3 million square foot, three times pu area Kuala Lumpur”, LSS  highlights.
“So, please do not say again that 1MDB bought Sg Besi airbase very cheap.
“Pakatan people will never tell you about these 8 airbases. It is as if they think that improved defence facilities and national security is not important to Malaysia,” LSS concluded.
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