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Friday, April 14, 2017

Rafizi names Nasharudin as ex-PAS leader who 'got SRC funds'

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli today named former PAS leader Nasharudin Mat Isa as the person who received funds from SRC International Sdn Bhd, a former 1MDB subsidiary.
The Pandan lawmaker, who made the accusation at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, has also made a statutory declaration on this matter.
Nasharudin is the former PAS deputy president who is known to have championed the unity government agenda between the Islamist party and Umno.
“This matter has elements of abuse of power that can be investigated under various laws if the payment is gratification for silencing PAS (as a major opposition party) in scandals such as 1MDB and transfers to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s account,” he said in the declaration read out to the press today.
Nasarudin is currently heading the Global Movement of Moderates (GMM), which is the brainchild of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, as well as a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel.
Rafizi said that in light of his revelation, Nasarudin should step down from the MACC panel immediately.
He added that he would lodge a report on his allegations to the MACC at 11am tomorrow in Putrajaya.
On April 6, Rafizi claimed that someone close to the PAS leadership had obtained the funds, which the PKR leader alleged were channelled from Najib's personal bank account.
Since then, speculation has been rife that Rafizi was referring to Nasharudin. Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin had also named him.
Malaysiakini has repeatedly tried contacting Nasharudin, via emails, fax, phone calls and text messages, for comment on this allegation, but did not receive any response.
Malaysiakini is also attempting to contact him again following Rafizi's disclosure.
Najib has repeatedly denied abusing public funds for personal gain, and has been cleared of any wrongdoing by attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali.
However, Rafizi claimed that a former top MACC official had told him that the SRC money trail had led to Najib’s personal bank account, and then to a ‘certain lawyer’, before being channelled to several individuals including Nasharudin.
He declined to disclose the sum involved or when the transactions took place, saying that he knows the details but would not disclose it out of respect for the former MACC official.
“His request is that I don’t share the details. The interest is this: The one that should be making this disclosure and going after the people involved is not me or you.
“It should be the MACC and the attorney-general, and they have all this information. The understanding is, it is enough that I put my neck on the line by way of a statutory declaration,” he said.
He claimed that MACC had questioned the lawyer involved and even have a copy of the cheque used in the transaction, but details on these are protected under the Official Secrets Act 1972.
At the press conference, Rafizi also challenged those unhappy with his actions to lodge a police report, which would open criminal proceedings against him for supposedly making a false statutory declaration.
Section 3 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1960 provides for false statutory declarations to be treated as perjury under various provisions of the Penal Code, such as Section 193 (Punishment for false evidence) and Section 195 (Giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure conviction of an offence punishable with imprisonment).
“So if you are not satisfied, go lodge a police report. Making noise on Facebook would not help anything and adds to your sins […]
“Arrest me, and I will see you in court. Then I can drag MACC officers to the witness stand and answer whether I am telling the truth or not,” he said.
This would also present him an opportunity to bring the 1MDB issue through the judicial process, he added.
To a question whether naming Nasharudin would affect PKR’s ties with PAS, Rafizi told reporters that such considerations should not eclipse public interest.
“It is in the public interest to know this. It is in the public interest for the SRC case to be reopened. It is in the public interest for us to go deepest details to find out whether Najib attempted to influence PAS through Nasharudin.

“It is in the public’s interest that Najib is removed, so any attempt by Najib - directly or indirectly, legal or otherwise, monetary or otherwise - that influences anyone, any party, from focusing on the mismanagement and fraud that involves 1MDB, that is of public interest and must be brought to the public’s knowledge.
“The test of politicians is not winning elections. The test of politicians it to stick to public interest, especially in the most difficult situation like today. So, that’s my test (as a member of) the PKR leadership,” he said.
PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan had said Rafizi’s allegations is Nasharudin’s personal matter, and have nothing to do with PAS.- Mkini
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