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Saturday, April 15, 2017

So, Felda chief now says it’s a case of 'money for nothing'?

YOURSAY | 'Felda not in dire straits? When the management are brothers-in-arms with the sultans of swing...'
Anonymous 2460391489930458: To paint a clearer picture of Federal Land Development Authority's (Felda) financial position, show people both sides of the balance sheet. Not just the assets, but also liabilities. Also show us the cash-flow statements and projections.
Even if Felda wants to dispose of its fixed assets, it would take time, which Felda may not have much of.
Felda chairperson Shahrir Abdul Samad should be truthful and disclose the whole story of its mismanagement in the past. Tell people where it went wrong, and only then suggest a workable plan of action to save Felda.
Anonymous 19321438170918: Shahrir said, "The hotel(s) in London, I have never been (there) and even if I have, maybe (to) two or three only. The others I have never been.”
Shahrir, either you have been to the hotels or you have not.
Donplaypuks: "It might be a deficit, maybe Felda made losses, but this is not because of the businesses but because of the money spent for all the programmes we want to do and have done."
Shahrir is raving like US president Donald Trump. Where are the accounts? Why did they spend money on useless programmes if they were in deficit? Who made the decisions and why has no one been sacked?
Former Felda chairperson Isa Samad should be prosecuted and made to pay back all the salary and directors fees he had received for doing a very bad job.
Newday: I wonder what the cost of the lease for Felda's headquarters is? A brand new, big high-rise - with massive Felda letters at the top. The lease would have been negotiated while Isa Samad was at the helm.
Every day I walk past this building, I ask myself: what is the relevance of this high-rise to Felda settlers - this huge shiny glass tower that screams, 'Look at me.' All I see is an inflated ego.
Oscar Kilo: You are selling Felda's assets because all those pea-brained plans did not work out. The question is, are you selling at a profit or at a loss?
ZhuGeLiang: As usual, there is a lot of hoo-ha and big talk whenever a new chief comes in and helmed a GLC (government-linked company), but usually it ends with no tangible result and finally, they fizzle away.
There are very few who are in former minister Abdul Wahid Omar's class. Maybe it is because he is a professional, whereas most of the rest are politicians.
Anonymous 2378031459331760: You know why the failure rate of most GLCs is so high?
It's because these Umno political appointees helming them are non-professionals and only care for their own pockets.
The only solution is to get rid of Umno in the next general election and replace the GLC management with truly capable individuals, regardless of race and religion.
RR: Shahrir, admit the mistakes and blunders committed and apologise. Malaysians don't live in caves. An apology and bringing culprits to book will place you in a better light as the new Felda chief.
Vijay47: Felda not in dire straits? When the senior members of management are brothers-in-arms with the sultans of swing, it is always money for nothing.
David: Fantastic, it is akin to asking a thief to swear, sign, agree and whatnot to never steal again.
This is merely a show to pacify the ignorant Felda folks and as for the lost billions in Felda, it is goodbye while the alleged thieves are sniggering (all the way) to the banks and enjoying their loot overseas.
Anonymous#007: I never knew signing a corruption-free pledge is such a powerful tool to curb corruption.
And best of all, all the taxpayers have to bear is paper and printing costs. We can now disband the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of ringgit each year. Kudos for the suggestion.
Ace: Sign a corruption-free pledge to ensure that Felda is free of corruption? Why don't MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) ask Malaysians to sign an accident-free pledge… and viola, Malaysia has no more accidents. Or a hard-working pledge, and everyone will be hard working.
Anonymous 2447961480069542: What's the use of these pledges? Go after those who had been corrupt, starting with the previous management right up to the top.
Sam98: Now, why would we Malaysians care about this national disgrace of a company called Proton?
Let's get rid of Proton so all Malaysians can buy well-built, safe and fuel efficient cars at uninflated prices. Enough of this nonsense. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has to admit he made a colossal blunder initiating the national car project.
RightsForAll: Teja assemblyperson Chang Lih Kang, have you forgotten your party's general election manifesto of lowering car prices?
How will they logically do that if you insist on keeping this perpetual loss-making entity? After 32 years of crutches, it still isn't competitive.

We would rather see this company sold off and wound up such that Malaysia can finally open up its car market.- Mkini

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