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Monday, April 17, 2017

Tuesday Lite - Its Just A Cult

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When they are small they are a cult. When they become larger in numbers they become a religion. But their cultish rites and rituals are always a dead give away. That part does not change. Whether one thousand members or one billion members, a cult is still a cult. 

Here is some cultish behaviour. To save you download time, just click on the link and you will be linked straight to You Tube. 

In the first video above they have learned to lighten up a little. Personally I like these folks.  I have met the local brethren.  They chill. 


These guys above are in Anatolia I think (Turkey).  Its another sufi outfit. (The rock music has been added on ok, you can ignore it). The idea is to 'bond' among adult men - by doing silly things. Its a tried and tested system.  But  "men only"  dancing together, without the presence of women, could lead down stranger alleyways. 

Yup lets blame the Jews again. The Jews are responsible for too many of these types of behaviours.  You can see in this video that the Jewish guys (the black hats, long, long sibeburns) are also doing the lompat katak motions. These are all rites of passage. That you belong to my cult.  But why copy the Jews ? Again and again.

This has to be Pakistan. But you find these types everywhere, especially here.  The guys are giving their guru cash money.  No money no religion.

And the last one below here is my favorite for today,  because of who is singing it ie the Taiwan National University choir and orchestra. 

As a youngster I learned the sufi zikir they are singing.  It goes like this :

Hasbi Rabbi Jallallaah
Maafi khalbi khairullah
Nur Muhammadu sallal-laah
La ilaaha illal-laah

The Taiwan National University choir  has made this zikir  into an art.

But there are similarities. 

  • None of the Taiwanese choir understand what they are singing. 
  • The same applies for most of the cult members in ALL the other videos.  
  • You dont need to understand anything. 
  • Just follow the cult.  
  • I am talking to you dear reader. 
  • You dont have to question or understand. 
  • Just follow the physical motions.
Dont ever ask "Ok I know I am supposed to do this. But can someone tell me why I must  do this?"

That is how you recognise a CULT.  You cannot ask  "Why"  ?

Here is the Taiwan National University choir :

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