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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Will Najib step down before GE14?

YOURSAY | ‘Don't judge a book by its cover. It is too early to make assumptions.’
Kim Quek: Najib Abdul Razak’s ‘Hishammuddin Hussein move’ is either to make the latter his right-hand man, or to pave the way for an early exit before (not after) GE14 (14th General Election).
The latter possibility is higher as his personal popularity is so low that it will weigh heavily against Umno-BN crossing the GE14 hurdle unless he leaves the scene early. And Hisham taking over the helm from him would be allegedly the best bet of a safe passage for him and his family.
Najib must have taken the cue from previous precedents of early exit by unpopular leaders that had resulted in spectacular recoup of electoral support for their parties.
The nearer example is that of (former Sarawak CM) Abdul Taib Mahmud’s exit in 2014, while the earlier example was Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s shock resignation announced in 2002.
Clever Voter: Imagine, today a prime minister, tomorrow a retired politician. That's the choice Najib has to make.
But more importantly, a comfortable life beyond his current office. All that speculations will come to naught as soon as Najib knows he has the two-thirds majority in Parliament or get close to it.
A lot depends on effectiveness of his strategy. If he does go to the country, it’s anyone's guess. Based on the past, it’s safe all the way.
Hishammuddin, nonetheless, will face different challenges as he inherits a badly-managed country with a seemingly broken system. He hasn't got the proven credentials but then the country could not get any worse.
Xenobio: Indeed, regardless of which way Najib and Hishammuddin have things set up between them, this will not be an improvement.
Praising Hishammuddin for his PR skills during the MH370 incident? That's just basic compassion and communication skills - our bar for a "good" establishment politician is so low nowadays.
Has everybody such short memories? Do you want an ultra-ethno-nationalist who brandished a weapon threatening minority communities to govern our multicultural country just because he showed good PR skills at one time?
Restless: With reference to the MH370 tragedy, in my opinion Hisham was more controlled/eloquent than others who were facing the media and international audience.
Obviously, he being the cabinet minister in charge by way of seniority and experience has to outshine other secondary persons in authority. He was there to pacify rather than to give firm, clear unbiased statements to all looking for an answer/closure.
Till today, we have no conclusions forthcoming from him anyway, it looks like it’s another case of sweeping under the carpet. (Tourism Minister) Nazri Abdul Aziz would have performed likewise, only with a more spiced-up delivery.
My take is, what is important is the integrity and statesman-like responsibility a person of his stature should partake rather than just being superficial to handle the outbreak of a crisis. It lies deeper than that.
Having said that, credit is to be given to Hishammuddin considering the low threshold/standard our ministers/public bodies have in accountability to the public. In a no-choice situation, he may outdo other ministers.
Anonymous 2465021491201814: Don't judge a book by its cover. We will see soon whether Najib will lose or win. It is too early to make assumptions.
OMG!: The lion of Jelutong sleeps. His ringing words live on in the hearts, minds and souls of hundreds of thousands of Malaysians of all races, who shall never forget his call to peaceful arms.
"It would be wrong of us to leave," he said, "because that is what they want, that's why they make life difficult for us here.”
We mourn your untimely passing and are glad that we had you with us all those years while your courageous blood still coursed through your veins. Give us a thousand more Karpals, O God! And we shall oust the ‘racists’ haunting Putrajaya.
Korkor: Karpal Singh, the tiger who can never be replaced nor be forgotten. He lives on in each and every living Malaysian who loves democracy, freedom and fairness. An icon in Malaysian politics for all future up-and-coming politicians to uphold his principle in ‘Justice For All’.
You may be gone but you stay in our hearts forever and you will remain the pillar for our strength to fight injustice in our country.
Straight-talk: I salute the spirit of our dear departed Karpal, whom all Malaysians should be grateful for. Another suitable title to remember this great man is ‘Justice Bao of Malaysia’ - dispensing justice without fear or favour.
Rupert16: If anyone who really deserves the ‘Tun’ title, it has to be the incorruptible Karpal Singh - a true patriot of the country and defender of all Malaysians.
Shamu99: Truly a tiger that spoke and defended the people. Sadly missed, but shall always be remembered for what you stood for, Sir. You upheld the constitution always. Thank you.
Basically: Karpal Singh has always been considered a true-blue DAP and opposition giant. His passing is still greatly missed and the nation mourns (or should mourn) the loss of another great warrior against the evil that lords over us.
Legit: If this Tiger of Jelutong were still around, the ‘kleptocrat pirate’ and his gang would have run off to Kazakhstan by now with their tails between their legs. It’s so sad we have lost such valiant figures like him and P Patto.
Anonymous #33227154: To all those who love to condemn DAP as Chinese racists, take note that Karpal Singh is a DAP leader. And he is the best DAP leader we've ever seen.

Vent: There will never be another Karpal Singh. "Tyger Tyger, burning bright in the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?" (Courtesy of William Blake) -Mkini

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