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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A dereliction of duty by Malaysian investigators

YOURSAY | ‘The 1MDB case involved violation of anti-money laundering laws not just in US but also M'sia.’
Trueglitter: The vehement expression of concerns, articulated by Malaysian Bar president George Varughese, is considered both timely and of great necessity, given the national importance and credibility of our nation's standing in the international community where our government should be accountable for the political and economic integrity and wellbeing of the country.
In the said regard, the serious allegations by US Department of Justice (DOJ) implicating officials of 1MDB and their families which empathically include Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and wife should seriously be acknowledged and not be muted or mischievously swept under the carpet with the view to exonerate themselves at the dire expense of the nation's integrity and dignity.
The persistent and shameless rebuttals and denials by the Malaysian authorities, particularly PM Najib Razak and his political goons over their involvement has inevitably brought unimaginable and indescribable shame and sadness to our proud nation and its people.
Anonymous_4056: Dismissing the serious allegations by DOJ pertaining to 1MDB is tantamount to a dereliction of duty on all Malaysian investigative and enforcement authorities.
What a shame and it smacks of not only a failed nation but also a rogue nation where there is a breakdown of law and order. This is worse than a communist government.
1Citizen: This is a serious matter involving violation of anti-money laundering regulations in not just the US but also other countries, Malaysia included.
If our government and financial regulator are indifferent to it, it means we are encouraging it. Malaysia is a global hub of Islamic banking. Will its international credibility be affected?
Ravinder: The PM denies using the funds for his personal purposes. This means he acknowledges receiving the funds. But he says he didn't know the source (regarding the SRC International money). This is impossible to swallow.
It is not a few ringgit that may not have been noticed, but millions. Even a child would be curious to know how his piggy bank was suddenly overflowing with money.
What sort of "business" is the PM or Umno in to be able to generate billions in earnings? "Durian runtuh", but from which tree?
Carpe Diem: I am really flabbergasted by the total lack of integrity, governance and plain simple ethical behaviour demonstrated by the whole government machinery, including the police and Bank Negara.
How do we expect to progress as a nation when the examples are so rotten?
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Umno information chief Annuar Musa, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is the first to report on the 1MDB scandal.
This has led to investigations in several countries including Singapore, US and Switzerland. Singapore had ascertained what WSJ reported contained facts strong enough to charge in court some banks and bank staff.
The outcome is two of the banks were closed, several fined and some bank staff sent to jail and/or fined or banned from carrying out certain business activities. Switzerland too had imposed fines on some of the banks involved in the laundering of the allegedly stolen 1MDB money.
DOJ had made three civil court filings to date to recover some US$1.7 billion worth of assets acquired by using the allegedly stolen 1MDB money. Surely you are not saying all these actions are based on fake news.
Your futile attempt to discredit these foreign news is merely to protect your boss and hoping to gain his favour. If you want to dispute what had been reported, give us facts and evidence including bank statements and the money trail, etc.
Clever Voter: Annuar Musa is not stupid. He has as much stakes as other major rent-seekers. He will continue to distract and play the blame game hoping the gullible ones will come to his side but more importantly, exciting and instigating his supporters.
Although his previous attempts may not result in what he wanted but he nonetheless will breed more troublemakers. This is the consequence of a dependency culture that cannot be eliminated overnight.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: So how does BN feel when they have no control over the media? They play the poor victim. It sounds like the man currently playing the role of President of the United States.
Umno/BN has controlled the mainstream media in the country for decades. They have used it to peddle only the news they want out there. So, I hope they now enjoy being the ones on the receiving end. But will they learn? Of course not.
They will continue to lay a heavy hand on the mainstream media to speak their language but at the same time, decry fake news from those not in their control and blame everyone but themselves.
Perhaps try good governance for a change. It might actually be the best strategy against the attacks.
Kingfisher: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is absolutely right that inviting foreign intervention in governance is wrong.
But he is far from convincing ordinary Malaysians that the wrongdoers in 1MDB can be brought to justice considering the stalemate/impasse situation after a long-drawn exposure of what is allegedly the biggest scam of public money in our country and at the highest level of governance.
And his suggestion that the wrongdoers will eventually repent for what is alleged as an abuse of ministerial power is an amusing if a compassionate reference to crime, punishment and atonement as it pertains to the notorious 1MDB debacle.
For a man who is sympathetic in his religious and political ideology to criminalise moral crimes and in a country where traffic offences to the expression of dissent and criticism of rulers is a crime (as rightly provided by law), he should be convinced that the 1MDB-related crimes are disastrous nationally.
He should rightly use his important position in PAS to express the strongest disapproval.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Apparently Hadi you fail to understand that what US DOJ, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) of Singapore, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) and Luxembourg financial authority are doing is to protect their markets and financial systems from being breached by money launderers.
Like Malaysia, they have laws against money laundering. When they do take action, it is not to interfere in another country's internal affairs. It is just that their laws have been broken.
In the case of the 1MDB scandal, if the co-conspirators had stolen the money physically in Malaysia using banks registered in Malaysia, then these foreign institutions would not have any cause to take action.
If the thieves had used the stolen money to buy properties in Malaysia such as land or buildings in for example, Rhu Rendang, Rusila, Marang or Pulau Kapas in Terengganu, then these foreign countries have no reason to take action.

Hadi, if thieves raid your chicken coop and steal all your chickens, do you just keep quiet?- Mkini

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