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Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Tea Cup Without A Storm In Singapore

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Hi folks. Here is some interference in other countries' affairs. (Just kidding ah - hands off the trigger.) 

Once upon a time a black panther escaped from the zoo in Singapore. This was in the Stone Age. The panther crawled into some drain and refused to come out. The SPCA did not do black panthers. The circus was not in town. So the Singapore Armed Forces were called in. They blew up the panther with dynamite. I recall reading this.  And they talk about using a sledgehammer !

Another time the cable car to Pulau Sentosa malfunctioned and people were left dangling in the air.  BG Lee (the present PM) organised a helicopter rescue of the people in the cable car. Lee became a national hero. Of course he also became the PM.

Singapore lacks excitement. Everyone is so proper.  So when black panthers escape or cable cars malfunction it is really big news. In Malaysia we are the opposite. There is excitement every day. There is too much excitement. The Genting Highlands bus can fly off the cliff and no one cares. 

Another matter has cropped up now in Singapore. It is a family squabble between Premier Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his siblings over the estate of their late father Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It is a really small matter. 

Again the sledgehammer approach is being used (or "dynamite the black panther").

Here is that YouTube video.

My view :  I dont think the dispute has affected Singapore's reputation at all. Singapore's GDP runs into the hundred billions of US$.  It is not dented at all.

Neither is confidence in their government affected in any way.

I feel it is not fair to speak on behalf of dead people. Especially when the reputations of other people are also involved.

A slight intrigue is why did PM Lee Hsien Loong offer to transfer 38 Oxley Road to his sister for a nominal S$1.00 but later sold the house to his brother at fair market valuation ?? Why not transfer the house to his brother for a nominal S$1.00? Or sell the house to his sister at fair market valuation?

Again I doubt this matter is the "most unhappy experience for Singaporeans".

It still appears to be a family squabble. To say that it is now making "baseless accusations against the government" which  "cannot be left unanswered" may be stretching things a tad too far.

Is there really a need for a "Ministerial statement on July 3rd when Parliament sits"?  Its really not even a storm in a tea cup.

Not just Singaporeans but the whole world has great  confidence in Singapore's  institutions and  in their system of government.

It looks like the matter has already distracted the Prime Minister's attention from the everyday task of governing Singapore.  No damage has been done to Singapore. It may not be necessary to fix something that is not broken - yet.

Sometimes great people, good people, great leaders, capable people and (the acid test) people who have achieved great things for themselves, their families, their professions and in their jobs do not realise the great things they have already achieved.  They may not already appreciate how "great" they are.

Do not be arrogant but do pat yourself on the back for the things that you have done. The things you have achieved. The overcoming of the difficulties, the worries, the stress, the financial duress that everyone must or will go through at some point in their lives.  

If you have gone through all this, lived, achieved your objectives, delivered on your obligations, kept to your promises and responsibilities - then you have done some great things indeed.   

"Great leader" is an understatement when describing the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He was a gigantosaurus not just as a politician, a prime minister , a leader and statesman but as an intellectual and a learned man.  Few can hold a candle to Mr Lee.  I have read some of his critics. You are pip squeaks.

His son Lee Hsien Loong who has been Prime Minister of Singapore for 13 years since 2004  and has some years in front of him has also done a sterling job. There is no doubt about that. Singapore keeps going from strength to strength. 

My advice to Premier Lee Hsien Loong is to just drop this matter.  I am not a Singaporean but come July 3rd, I dont think the Singapore Parliament has to deliberate this matter.  All sorts of unnecessary issues may come up.

Then people will make rebuttals and counter rebuttals and it will go on. Then someone may take the matter to Court.  Totally unnecessary.

Singapore, South East Asia and the world has benefitted greatly from Mr Lee's great wisdom.  Surely he relied upon the same wisdom when he left behind his final  wishes.   Preserving the wisdom of such a great man will do much more good not just for Singapore but also for the government.   

End of intervention in other peoples' affairs. 

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

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