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Monday, June 26, 2017

AirAsia X probes faulty Perth-KL flight, netizens ground Zaid over tweets

AirAsia X has launched an investigation into the reported engine problem that occurred on one of its flights bound for Kuala Lumpur from Perth, Australia.
In a statement today, AirAsia said the cause of the incident on Flight D7 237 yesterday is also being probed, together with its engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce.
"The safety of our guests and crew is of utmost importance to us. We are also cooperating fully with the local aviation authorities.
"We would like to stress that AirAsia Group has always strictly followed the maintenance programme prescribed by our manufacturers.
"We have also complied with all regulations and requirements as set forth by every country where the airline operates, including Australia," read the statement.
According to news reports, the Airbus A330 was forced to abort its flight to Kuala Lumpur some 90 minutes after it had taken off from Perth, after the aircraft suffered from an alleged engine mishap that caused the aircraft to vibrate "like a washing machine."
The plane eventually landed safely.
Netizens tick Zaid off
In the news report, traumatised passengers were quoted saying the pilot had asked the passengers to pray on the way back to Perth.
The report prompted former law minister Zaid Ibrahim to comment on Twitter that the pilot's alleged request was "unbecoming".
In a series of tweets this morning, Zaid said the airline should not condone such behaviour by the pilot.
"The AirAsia pilot urged passengers to pray on the distressed Perth flight. Good lord, I much prefer if the pilot don't tell me death is imminent.
"The pilot has to give hope, and leave the rest to God and the passengers. If AirAsia is big into prayers, engage proper imam and priest," he tweeted.

His tweets however attracted criticism from netizens, most of whom asked what wrong had the pilot done in asking the passengers to pray.
Some pointed out there was nothing wrong in seeking divine intervention in times of crisis.
Others remarked that Zaid should be happy that the pilot had landed the plane back safely.- Mkini

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