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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another D minus for Najib’s cabinet

The PM should chastise Nazri Aziz for bragging about being a gangster.

From: J D Lovrenciear via email
If reports in the media are accurate, then yet another cabinet minister has added a D-minus to the Najib Razak administration’s report card.
It seems that Tourism and Culture Minister bragged about being a gangster. According to one report, in warning a Sarawak minister against criticising the tourism tax, he used these words: “Don’t be a samseng when you are a new minister. If you want to learn to be a samseng, you can learn from me.”
How much longer must the PM tolerate such uncouth ministers in his cabinet?
Najib should take the loud public outcry pouring through social media as a strong signal for him to take immediate and appropriate action. Failure on his part to take stern action will invite another heap of criticism to the mountain of flak that his opponents have already dumped on him and his administration.
This is hardly the first time that Nazri has ensured a D minus grade not only for the administration he represents, but also, ultimately, for the nation.
Before the world’s opinion leaders conclude that we have thugs for leaders, please, Honorable Prime Minister, save us all from embarrassment. -FMT

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