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Friday, June 23, 2017

Are we to wait 30 years for RCI on 1MDB?

YOURSAY | ‘The purpose of Forex RCI? Just to lay blame on a political opponent.’
Vijay47: There is no point in discussing why this forex (foreign exchange) issue has suddenly been revived after 23 years. We all know why.
But what we would want, though hardly expect, is that whoever judges, past or present, are invited to serve on the royal commission have enough honour and integrity in them to say:
"We acknowledge that the forex scandal and possible criminal acts related to it are transgressions that should not be allowed to fade into history. But it would be an even bigger travesty of justice, a national shame, if more pressing and immediate concerns are disregarded purely because that would serve political exigencies.
“We have a duty to serve His Majesty with the impartiality and uprightness demanded of our calling and a greater obligation to serve justice. We therefore decline to participate in this charade."
Survivor: Honestly, if the Malays still do not wake up but allow the current breed of leaders to divert attention by digging into the past of what is already known, and not solving the current scandalous deed of the present government, this country shall be doomed to failure.
It’s just sad that they cannot see the problem.
Anonymous 2449671483368245: Setting up an RCI so many years later when many of those involved are retired, lost their memories, or maybe even dead. Purpose? Just to lay blame on a political opponent.
The question on everyone's mind is: How about an RCI on 1MDB? Are we going to wait 30 years before we set it up?
Daviddass: Is it inconceivable for the Malays to govern the country jointly with non-Malays? Isn't that what the government of Malaysia has been since Independence?
Of course, after May 13, 1969, the New Economic Policy (NEP) was formulated and an aggressive social engineering exercise was carried out to bring the Malays to parity with non-Malays.
That exercise is continuing but there are a large number of households in both Malay and non-Malay communities that are impoverished. The problem is also that many Malays now feel entitled and are concerned that if the non-Malays obtain more influence in government, Malay privileges will be reduced.
There has now developed the argument amongst some Malays that Malay privileges stem from their dominant position in the country and that the NEP is not a temporary plan to equalise the distribution of wealth and opportunities in the country.
Non-Malays would not oppose plans for the eradication of poverty amongst the Malay community. They simply ask that they are included in such plans.
Government policies, plans and actions should include everybody. We must build a nation of Malaysians, whatever their race or religion, who will work for the development and well-being of the country.
We should forever abandon the rhetoric of race and religion in trying to win support in elections. Every MP must work for the well-being of all.
The US does not really give a damn whether we are a democracy or whether we are an Islamic State. They are great friends with Saudi Arabia, which is not a democracy and is a theocratic state. The US trades with China and Russia, which are communist states with terrible human rights records.
What its Department of Justice (DOJ) appears to be concerned with are breaches of US laws. They leave us to enforce our own laws.
Malaysia4All: Let's face facts - Umno rule has changed the multiracial landscape of Malaysia forever, and not for the better. After decades of Umno misrule, Malaysia has lost its claim of a progressive multiracial society and lost its edge to all its neighbours.
If Umno is not stopped soon by the very people it claims to work for but whom, in reality, it cheats and lies to, Malaysia will succumb to become a failed state, devoid of the cream of its populace who has since left its shores; these will never return if Umno remains in power.
But will PM Najib Razak give up power that easily when in doing so, he may have to serve time in the slammer? Probably not. The time of reckoning is near. Justice is at hand.
Mosquitobrain: The nation and its people have gone through 30 tormenting years. The worst being the last eight years. After 60 years of independence, we cannot even right the wrongs in many aspects.
The powers-that-be has taken for granted that "to err is human". But to cause hardships to the people is an unforgivable and sinful act.
Betty Hutton: Why should the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers line up to "greet" Isa Samad and his wife?
Are they VIPs in this saga so much so they are treated like royalty instead of ordinary citizens called up to MACC because something has gone awry with Felda Global Ventures (FGV) and they have something to do with this?
This red-carpet greeting is unacceptable. Are we to be told later that the matter is resolved and there was no wrongdoing? That is why political figures should never be involved in business.
And why is someone called up by MACC gets the cushy job of heading the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad)? Something is not quite right.
Kangkung: We've to give it to you… good show. If MACC wants to talk to the common people, they will be handcuffed and dragged to their building.
Anonymous 24331438100949: MACC says they will prepare investigation papers and will submit them to the attorney-general (AG).

We already know what is going to happen. The AG will reject them and say there is no proof.- Mkini

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