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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DAP rep recalls Soi Lek's admission of MCA taking money from Najib

Former MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek's statement two years ago could potentially invalidate Selangor MCA's denial of having received RM10 million from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, claimed a DAP assemblyperson.
Citing Chua's interview published by cari.com.my in October 2015, Kuala Kubu Baru lawmaker Lee Kee Hiong noted Chua had admitted that Najib helped source funds for BN component parties ahead of the last general election.
In view of this, Lee said the onus was on Selangor MCA to make their bank statements public if it is serious about debunking Sarawak Report's allegation.
"If Selangor MCA believes that the allegation was made by a 'media organisation with no credibility', then they should have the courage and conviction to make their bank statements public.
"That way, the public would be able to make their own minds," he said, stressing that Sarawak Report's allegation was serious because the RM10 million was allegedly linked to 1MDB.
Lee urged Selangor MCA not to jump the gun by issuing a denial and let the police decide since a report has already been lodged on the matter.
'Funds for BN parties were unprecedented'
During his interview with cari.com.my, Chua spoke of a BN supreme council meeting prior to the 2013 general election, in which Najib said he would help all BN parties financially.
This, according to Chua, was unprecedented.
"I must admit, during the BN supreme council meeting approaching the May 5 general election, he (Najib) in his capacity as prime minister and BN chairperson, did reveal that in that election, BN will support its component parties' finances.

"I remembered clearly, I was the first to thank him.
"I said that I have joined politics for more than 20 years and gone through five general elections, (we) have never received a single sen from BN before.
"So everyone agreed and many thanked him. When the election came, he delivered - he was able to disburse some funds (to the component parties)," said the former MCA president.
When contacted, Selangor MCA deputy chairperson Donald Lim refused to comment on the seemingly contradictory remarks and referred Malaysiakini to an earlier denial made by Selangor MCA treasurer Loo Kooi Thiam.
Malaysiakini has also contacted Chua for comment.- Mkini

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