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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Does the ex-IGP have a ‘hidden agenda’ as well?

YOURSAY | ‘Musa Hassan have you considered that your sudden reappearance from hibernation a tad questionable?’
J. D. Lovrenciear: An ex-lawkeeper captain draws conclusions on alleged misdeeds stating “suspicions”. Whatever happened to the corner stone of law keeping?
Should he not have said: "For as long as there are alleged misdeeds and police reports made, the law must investigate to present nothing but the truth"?
But he chooses to draw conclusions based on “suspicions”. if you used this logic of his as the yardstick, then you cannot blame the public for thinking lowly of the law enforcers, can you?
Bluemountains: Musa should not jump the gun again. He should only become suspicious of hidden agendas if Najib and Shafee had denied such transactions. So far, they have yet to say anything assuring. Saying the wrong thing too many times can erode one's credibility.
MariKitaUbah: How does Musa knew Shafee was not paid? Does Musa seem to "know" everything and this is something unusual. He then said he is not paid by anyone and just wants to reveal the "truth". Now this is now even more "interesting".
Surely more Malaysians want to know what Musa is up to. There has to be some agenda by Musa, behind the screen.
Vijay47: To start off on a triviality, I cannot figure out why Umno leaders and their devoted supporters often come out with the term "secret agenda". Do they believe that the phrase somehow makes their comment seem more profound and lends it an air of intellectualism?
Sorry to rain on your parade ex-IGP Musa Hassan. There is nothing secret, even if there be a nexus between Sarawak Report's latest revelation and Anwar's application to set aside his conviction. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to fathom that, for even ex-IGPs can realise this.
Being the former head of the police force, you, and the present one, of course, may not understand the subtle elements of the law. Your concern should be on whether the agenda is illegal.
Slumdog: Musa, have you considered that your sudden reappearance from hibernation is a tad questionable? Why do you see yourself as a defender and spokesman for Najib?
Now, you feel duty-bound to come to the defence of your benefactor. Your soiled background as a former IGP and the part you played in Anwar’s case is enough for the rakyat to suspect your comments might be construed as pursuing a particular agenda.
It is a bit far-fetched and an exaggeration to say that "There might be certain interests and agenda here, which can bring ruin or chaos to the country."
Mvarughis: The main question that every decent Malaysian should be asking is the truth behind the transfer of funds from the PM's account to Shafee.
From the obvious trail of transaction flow, as highlighted by Sarawak Report and the absolute silence from the implicated parties, it is quite evident that it probably happened.
If the payment did happen, it is indeed a serious miscarriage of justice as the PM, being a interested party, has been shown to have influenced the case to ensure the guilty verdict on the former opposition leader.
It would vindicate Anwar's assertion that the case and charges were a political conspiracy from day one in order to end his political career. Justice should be done and Anwar should be released immediately.
Pohcrite: Why is this ex-IGP the self-appointed spokesperson and denying the allegations of the payment of RM9.5 million to Muhammad Shafee Abdullah while both the alleged payer and recipient remain quiet?
As an erstwhile policeman, Musa should be calling upon them to speak up for themselves on the allegations. At least, if I were conducting an investigation, that will be what I'll be doing.
FairMind: The only thing that is "hidden" is a colossal payment of RM9.5 million by someone who has a vested interest in a court case to a public prosecutor. If not for Sarawak Report, this fact would be hidden to Malaysians.
The payment is too big for a legal fee and this raises the suspicion that part of the amount may be intended to be paid to the judges to sway their decisions. What the former IGP meant is this exposure might bring ruin and chaos to MO1 and his recipients of corrupt money, not the country.
Kamikasi: Musa, call a spade a spade. If you think Rafizi is making up stories, make your own police report.

Odin Tajué: Musa, you have no locus standi in the matter. That being the case, you getting involved, all of a sudden, does suggest that if any party has a hidden agenda, it is you and only you.- Mkini

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