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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

‘Don’t vote for rubbish if you don’t want to clog the longkang’

YOURSAY | ‘Rosmah, why make so much effort to monitor, and silence, the critics?’
Commentable: This is like asking a team of lawyers to stand guard alongside a longkang clogged full of rubbish. You can smell the stink but you can't mention that the longkang stinks.
Otherwise, you stand the chance of defaming the longkang and the longkang’s team of lawyers will set upon you for saying the “stinky” word.
Looking at it from another angle, it's like pouring good money into a stinky longkang to try to make it smell good.
But as a solution, all it takes is to change the longkang totally and the rakyat to make sure next time around, not to vote for rubbish to clog the longkang.
Gungadin: Penal Code, Section 410. (1) Property, the possession whereof, has been transferred by theft, or by extortion, or by robbery, and property which has been criminally misappropriated or in respect of which criminal breach of trust or cheating has been committed, is designated as “stolen property”, whether the transfer has been made or the misappropriation or breach of trust or cheating has been committed within or without Malaysia.
Section 411. Whoever dishonestly receives or retains any stolen property, knowing or having reason to believe the same to be stolen property, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years or with fine or with both.
AntiRacial: Why make so much effort to monitor, and silence, the critics? Why not just proof that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Sarawak Report are making false allegations?
So, are you saying you cannot prove the allegations are false and at the same time you want all Malaysians and the social media to praise you?
Anonymous 2398161454293761: The scale and the seriousness of the allegations put forward by DOJ are unprecedented. The magnitude of the allegations is historic.
This calls for immediate, prompt and strong legal actions by 1MDB. But no legal actions have been initiated in the past few months. That's surprising.
Vijay47: Welcome to the show, lawyer NoorHajran Mohd Noor. PM Najib Razak's lawyer Hafarizam Harun must be yearning for an associate to enhance the humour in his thus-far one-man comedy act.
Yours may be the easiest-earned fees ever, without the need to appear in court - you just have to post a few letters, rattle a few sabres and shrilly warn PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor's foes of eternal pain and suffering.
Rosmah will never sue or appear in court. Nor will Najib, the attorney-general (AG), or that inspector-general of police (IGP).
When they fear their own shadows, when they have remained paralysed all this while, a civil suit is the last thing they would embark on, not when opposition MPs Rafizi Ramli, Tony Pua, and a host of others are lurking about armed with heaven knows what unrevealed bundles of documents and smoking guns to tender as evidence.
My advice is to hang on and stick to it. With a bit of luck, you too may be paid RM9.5 million. 'Tis the season.
Odin Tajué: Rosmah, considering the timing of you making the statement, one takes it that you are accusing the media and the opposition of ‘slandering’ various unnamed parties in an attempt to topple your husband.
The media - or, at least, Malaysiakini - is not ‘slandering’ anyone but merely reporting on the DOJ’s latest court filings. It is like reporting any other real event that constitutes news. The reporting has nothing to do with the opposition for the simple reason that it is not the opposition that is publishing the news. Or if it has published it, then it is also reporting on an event that constitutes news.
‘Slander’ is the action of making a false spoken statement damaging to another person's reputation. But the report has been published, not uttered, and, therefore, it would be described as ‘libel’ - and but provided if it indeed contains false, damaging statements. So, obviously, someone somewhere does not even know what she or he is talking about.
The only time the media can defame anyone is through writing an ‘editorial’, which is an opinion piece, and load it with insinuations or direct accusations, or writing a feature article supposedly based on facts but in reality, based on fabrication calculated to damage a subject’s reputation, or making up an entirely fake piece of news altogether. That being the case, the matter of attempting to topple your husband does not arise, at all.
As to the matter of libel, the only party that may be considered to have committed it would be the DOJ, but provided the department has made false accusations in its filings; and if it indeed has made false accusations, then it is up to the party or parties that feel aggrieved to resort to taking the appropriate course of action
Anonymous 2436471476414726: The civil forfeiture suits are legal actions. Like all legal actions, they are backed with concrete evidence produced before the court.
Therefore Rosmah, they are not slander. And why should we not believe it? You and your circle of bag carriers merely asked the rakyat not to believe such allegations without offering any evidence to refute it. So how?
This has now gone beyond merely issuing bare denials. If you think you have been slandered, there is one thing that is left to do. Sue.
Newday: Thank you, Rosmah for suggesting we review the facts. Going on the facts that I and many others have read from many different sources over the past 18 months, there is much more than just a slim chance that there is truth in the allegations. So again, thank you.
Jaycee: When those allegedly involved are finally thrown in jail, we want an audit of everything they owned. All the cars, watches, bags, diamonds, gold, properties in New York, London, etc.

Each item is to be displayed, catalogued, and photographed together with the value of the item. This is to show the magnitude of the alleged theft committed by them. And let us not forget their surrogates and minions.- Mkini

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