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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ex-IGP Musa’s hasty move to defend MO1

YOURSAY | ‘Musa Hassan, no one asked you to make a fool of yourself.’
Ipohcrite: For a former police chief, Musa Hassan comes across as an amateur sleuth when explaining that it was not possible for lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to be paid from PM Najib Razak's account.
But then, he was never much of a police officer to begin with. Even the court found him to be an unreliable witness in a past case.
Kim Quek: Najib’s AmBank account that was closed on Aug 30, 2013 (which received US$681 million from the Tanore Finance account at Falcon Bank in Singapore and returned US$650 million to the same source on Aug 30, 2013) was numbered 2112022009694.
Whereas, the AmBank account through which Najib allegedly paid RM9.5 million to Shafee in September 2013 and February 2014 is numbered 2112022011906, which is an account that received funds from SRC, a different bank account entirely.
Nice try, Musa.
Odin Tajué: Musa, you claimed that you had been slandered (in being accused of receiving RM5 million from former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad).
Question: Why have you not sued the alleged slanderer for defamation?
RM5 million at the material time was a lot of money, and accusing you of having received such a sum for abetting in the framing of former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim equalled to removing much of whatever marks you might have had, if any at all, for your character.
Between you and Kim Quek, one is inclined to trust the latter. He has pointed out that you were wrong. How now, Mr Former IGP-cum-Mattress Carrier?
Anonymous 2427581476397692: The information about money transfer to Shafee is gathered from the Auditor-General’s Report on 1MDB. This is the extension of the evidence that was leaked by someone in Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
Najib had used many accounts - if I’m not mistaken three to be precise - to keep and disburse his money, and not all of them were closed at the same time.
Vijay47: Musa, I am sure that Najib is glad you still remain his faithful servant even after retiring several years ago. Your readiness to jump to your master's defence will certainly be not forgotten, all that remains to be decided as how Najib would want to display his gratitude.
In keeping with the skills acquired during your tenure as IGP, you are telling the truth, yes, but unfortunately, not the whole truth.
Why did you not acknowledge that even if one had been closed, Najib had another Ambank account through which ‘acts of charity’ could be carried out?
Speaking of IGP, Musa, you and the present one share the same level of honour.
Voice: There are two ways of closing a bank account. One is the account holder - that is, Najib - close the account himself on his own will. Another one is closed by enforcement authority and all money in the account frozen. So, which is which now?
But the latter would be most unlikely as no party or enforcement agencies dared to close the PM’s bank account and froze the money.
If it was the former, most likely money could have been fully transferred out to other account before closure. If payment to Shafee is from the same account as reported, then there is no closure as such or it may be re-opened after closure.
Dingy: Najib had two accounts in AmBank. In one account, he received RM2.6 billion from 1MDB. About RM2 billion was later transferred to Najib's account in Singapore. He then closed his Ambank account.
In his second account, he received more than RM42 million from SRC, a subsidiary company of 1MDB. That money was allegedly from Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP). It was from this account that Najib paid various people, including Shafee.
Musa's statement to the press was to clear Najib after Sarawak Report exposed that RM9.5 million was paid to Shafee. He doesn't know that Malaysians are not stupid like him.
Senior Citizen: Obviously, Sarawak Report is referring to the account which was not closed at the time of payment.
You are worried as you are the adviser to Tedy Teow from the MBI Group, which is now on Bank Negara’s red-alert list. You should resign from the panel of MACC’s advisory board.
How can you be involved with Teow's activities as a former IGP?
Ipoh Pp: Quote "Later, when told about the existence of another account which was closed in 2015, Musa said he was not aware of this.”
It just shows you are falling over yourself to defend MO1 (Malaysian Official 1). For what?
No one asked you to make a fool of yourself. Yes, speak up when it involves yourself only. But it makes us very suspicious when you come out in someone's defence.
SusahKes: Ah, that dazed look when informed there was another account. It brings to mind when that infamous mattress was introduced as evidence in the Sodomy 1 case.
And when asked to explain the discrepancy on the bank accounts - he said, "I'm not aware". Then, on what basis did you give this press conference? ‘Syok sendiri’?
For an ex-top cop, you are not even to abide by the basic requirement of evidence-based deduction - where did you learn that from? Hillary Clinton?
AntiRacial: I thought only some Umno politicians are stupid by saying something as they wish without thinking or checking the facts and get humiliated unnecessarily, but it looks like this ex-IGP is also the same.

A person who is or was holding a higher position should be smart and intelligent, but in Malaysia it is always the other way around.- Mkini


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