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Monday, June 26, 2017

Flash floods hit parts of Malacca and Johor

Aidilfitri celebrations in parts of Malacca and Johor were dampened by flash floods, forcing some to spend the holiday in relief centres.
According to Bernama, several villages in Alor Gajah and Jasin, Malacca were affected while over neighbouring Johor, one village in Batu Pahat was affected.
Malacca was the worst hit. As of 4pm, the number of flood victims in the state rose to 149, as compared to 124 this morning, requiring rescue workers to set up four relief centres.
Malaysian Civil Defence Force (Melaka) director, Lt Col Effendy Ali said it was believed the floods caused by heavy rain from about midnight caused  the waters of Sungai Durian Tunggal, Sungai Melaka and Sungai Tehel to overflow and flood five areas within five to seven hours.
He said the five affected areas were Kampung Bukit Tambun, Kampung Bukit Balai and Kampung Pulau in Alor Gajah; and Kampung Tanjung Laboh and Kampung Parit Lampong in Jasin.
He said so far, good weather was reported and the flood situation was under control.

Meanwhile, 43 people from Kampung Sungai Kluang, Batu Pahat had to be placed in relief centres due to floods.
Johor Health, Environment, Education and Information Committee Ayub Rahmat said the evacuation efforts were jointly conducted by the Civil Defence Force, Village Security and Development Committee, Welfare Department, Irrigation and Drainage Department as well as Fire and Rescue Department.   
"The flood waters of 0.6 metre high are due to overflowing tide waters after the wave breaker or dam burst and repair works are being carried out," he said in a statement.- Mkini

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