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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


But that is politics. In Malaysia politics is a zero-sum game. It is a winner takes all and loser loses all contest. So do not dabble in this type of no-holds-barred — or the rule is there are no rules — type of politics unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences. And the consequences are heavy once you cross the line and use Rosmah’s jewellery as your weapon of attack.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
(Malaysiakini) — PPBM (Pribumi) has asked Malaysians to talk about Rosmah Mansor’s US$27.3 million pink diamond during balik kampung for Hari Raya, but the Umno propaganda machinery is bent on ensuring that does not happen, complained DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang.
PPBM Youth chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman had earlier urged Malaysians to tell their friends and family about this when they balik kampung for Hari Raya.
“Suddenly, Syed Saddiq’s call to Malaysian youths to return to the kampungs to share the scandal of the pink diamond necklace and 27 other jewellery items assumed greater importance and became a grave threat to the political future and survival of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Umno and BN, and hence the need to counter and neutralise it became imperative,” grumbled Kit Siang.
Kit Siang is a real idiot. He also seems to be going senile. First of all he admitted that Pakatan Harapan’s strategy is to use the hari-baik-bulan-baik period to slander the wife of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. And then he grumbles that Umno has fought back and preempted the move.
Kit Siang wanted to use Rosmah’s jewellery as the weapon to attack Najib and got angry when Umno preempted his move
Hari Raya (hari-baik-bulan-baik) is a time of peace and goodwill. It is a time when you ask and offer forgiveness. It is not a time to spread bad stories about others. I can imagine a kafir like Kit Siang not understanding this. But a so-called Muslim who is allegedly a Syed on top of that should at least understand a very basic thing like this.
Syed Saddiq is as bad as Zaid Ibrahim who scolded Muslims for praying to Allah when there was a danger that the Air Asia airliner was going to crash. What then do you do if you are not sure whether you are going to land safely or whether the plane is going to crash and there will be nothing left of you to bury?
It appears like Pakatan Harapan has really nothing left to use in the attempt to bring down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Umno and Barisan Nasional. They need to scrape the bottom of the barrel and use issues such as Rosmah’s alleged jewellery. They hope that by playing up the Rosmah jewellery issue Pakatan Harapan can win 125 parliament seats in the next general election.
This type of politics is called no-holds-barred politics. That means you can use anything and everything under the sun to attack your enemy. There are no taboos or sacred cows. Everything is fair game. The rule is there are no rules.
Kit Siang tried to oust Hadi and replace him with Mat Sabu but failed
It is even fair to tell the voters to choose between a Malay-led government and a Chinese-led government. If you choose a Chinese-led government then the country will be under foreign control because DAP is actually PAP of Singapore’s agent.
DAP was formed two months after Singapore split from Malaysia and when PAP was banned from operating in Malaysia. And DAP was formed by PAP while Kit Siang, who at that time was working for Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, was sent back to Malaysia to take over DAP.
So, the choice for the voters is either a Malay-led government or a Chinese-led government that owes its allegiance to Singapore. And it must be drummed into the minds of the Malays that choosing Barisan Nasional means the Malays would not lose political power to the Chinese who owe their loyalty to Singapore.
The Malays must also be reminded that it is DAP who opposed the Sharia Amendment Bill and who closed down Pakatan Rakyat in June 2015 so that PAS could be kicked out of the opposition coalition.
Before that DAP gave the so-called ‘liberal’ group in PAS millions to try to oust the PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang. However, none except one managed to win a seat. All the rest lost and they managed to garner only 20% of the votes. Hadi and his people swept in with a landslide victory.
DAP divorced PAS, but when Hadi cosies up to Najib, Kit Siang gets angry
That was when DAP asked the defeated ‘liberal’ group to leave PAS and start a new party, PAN. They had hoped that at least 20% or 200,000 PAS members would join this new Islamic party. That, however, did not happen. They managed to get only 20,000 members and even then not all were from PAS.
This was the reason why Kit Siang announced that Pakatan Rakyat has ceased to exist. Then they announced the formation of a new coalition called Pakatan Harapan and said that PAN and not PAS will be DAP’s new Islamic party in the opposition coalition.
Basically DAP interfered in the internal affairs of PAS. If someone does that to DAP these Chinamen will scream like crazy. But while no one must do it to them, they can do it to others. It is just like they are allowed to say the country is going bankrupt because of the Malay government but if we say by voting Pakatan Harapan you are getting a Chinese government they will call you a racist.
So Pakatan Harapan can play up the Rosmah jewellery matter till the cows come home. That is their democratic right and Umno also has the democratic right to counter that in any way they want. And the best way would be to remind the Malays that by voting Pakatan Harapan they are getting a Chinese-led government and that the Malays in Pakatan Harapan are merely bitches and prostitutes of their Chinese masters.
And if the Malays are not too sure about that then show them Superman Hew Kuan Yau’s videos (below). That will be proof enough that the Chinese are just using the Malays to fight each other. DAP itself said so. They even said Kit Siang is just using Tun Dr Mahathir Mahathir as his bitch and prostitute.
The opposition triggered this riot in Penang a year before ‘May 13’ where 29 people died, over 200 got hurt, and about 1,300 people were arrested — after which Penang ended up falling into the hands of the opposition
And then remind the Malays how Kit Siang and orang-orang yang sewaktu dengannya triggered the May 13 race riots in 1969 and that the way they are going with the Malay- and Islam-bashing they are pushing Malaysia to the brink of yet another race war.
Once you declare a no-holds-barred political war then you open the door to endless possibilities. And Umno and Barisan Nasional will have more in their arsenal to throw at Pakatan Harapan while all Pakatan Harapan has are 1MDB and Rosmah’s jewellery.
So be prepared for a most interesting fight ahead of us this next year or so. Let us see how far the DoJ matter is going to go. Mahathir says Najib cannot travel overseas as he will be arrested and extradited to the US to stand trial. Is that so? Let us see whether this is true or not. It may be Mahathir who will end up in jail instead for stealing RM30 billion of Bank Negara Malaysia’s money.
A few years back Pakatan Rakyat said France had issued a warrant of arrest for Najib and they are going to arrest him and bring him back to Paris to stand trial. Then it was revealed there was no trial but merely an investigation based on a complaint lodged by Cynthia Gabriel and Suaram and that Najib is not even the target of this investigation. Now history repeats itself with the DoJ matter. So they lied then and they are lying now.
Cynthia Gabriel took Malaysians for a ride in the ‘trial in France’ lie and is now doing it again with the DoJ matter
When you open the floodgates and allow anything under the sun to be used in this game of politics, you have to make sure that you are not vulnerable. If you have too much shit yourself then it becomes very dangerous. Once you declare that the rule is there are no rules, you cannot grumble when people apply this same rule of no rules against you.
Kit Siang is vulnerable. Mahathir is vulnerable. Mat Sabu is vulnerable. Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is vulnerable. Not only them but their children as well are vulnerable. Even Wan Azizah’s son has been implicated in gay activities and her daughter in affairs with a number of other men. So be careful about throwing stones when you live in a glass house. None of their children are safe. And if they decide to throw the book at them not only Mahathir but his children as well will face a jail term, just like Lim Guan Eng will very soon.
But that is politics. In Malaysia politics is a zero-sum game. It is a winner takes all and loser loses all contest. So do not dabble in this type of no-holds-barred — or the rule is there are no rules — type of politics unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences. And the consequences are heavy once you cross the line and use Rosmah’s jewellery as your weapon of attack.

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