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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lawyers' admissions put 'leaked MACC documents' in spotlight

Based on documents published on a blog, PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has made a string of allegations about Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak using funds from the state-owned SRC International to make payments to various quarters.
Rafizi is convinced that the blog sprminsider.blogspot.com, which has been blocked by the government, contains leaked investigation documents from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
However, his allegations in the past have met with denials. But that changed this afternoon.
Two senior lawyers Ghazi Ishak and Salehuddin Saidin corroborated his latest allegation on the matter although denying having any knowledge as to whether the payment they received from the prime minister originated from SRC funds.
Salehuddin also confirmed Rafizi's claim that the lawyer was questioned by the MACC regarding the payment.
This has intensified speculation that the documents the PKR leader has been citing for over a month are indeed authentic.
Rafizi took Ghazi and Salehuddin's admissions as corroboratory evidence that the documents he had cited were genuine.
"The documents are genuine and authentic, all the details are there. MACC has to respond on what they are going to do about it," Rafizi told Malaysiakini.
Lawyer Syahredzan Johan said the admissions also showed that there is a "grain of truth" to the documents.
"It gives the appearance that there is some truth. But we can't conclude anything. We don't know whether the website (blog) is real," he added.
Syahredzan urged the MACC to look into the documents, as did former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan, who said that any leads on SRC International must be followed.
"It shouldn't matter where the information comes from. if there is prima facie suggesting a wrongdoing, then it must be investigated.
"Only if you investigate, you would know whether those documents contain any elemental truths," she added.
Malaysiakini has contacted MACC for comment over this matter.
However besides today's confirmation, Rafizi's revelations have not always been confirmed.

Previously Penang Umno had denied receiving RM2 million from Najib, while United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) vice-president Marcus Mojigoh also denied personally receiving money from the premier.
However, Marcus said it was normal for Najib to give money to the party.
Meanwhile other fund recipients named by Rafizi such as Centre for Strategic Engagement Sdn Bhd, and Yayasan Al-Abrar's 'Malaysia Berselawat' programme chairperson Syed Mehdhar Syed Abdullah have indicated that they had no knowledge of receiving funds from Najib.
Najib has denied abusing public funds for personal gain.
Whereas attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali said that the premier was unaware of the transfer of SRC International funds into his personal accounts.- Mkini

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