MALAYSIA Tanah Tumpah Darahku


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Thursday, June 22, 2017


The Malaysian rakyat have high hopes that this nation of theirs is totally rebuilt and saved from Umno-BN which has been destroying it all this while and continues to do so.
This grand change will surely be felt by all levels of the rakyat as well as the leadership of Pakatan Harapan.
The imminent 14th general election which probably would be held after Raya is extremely crucial to the rakyat. The rakyat will be provided with another opportunity to reject Umno-BN. The desire to rid this country of corruption should be prioritised.
The coming electoral clash is clearly an opportunity for the rakyat to rid a government under a diamond-studded, lavish party led by one kleptocrat who claims to have received a donation from an Arab Shaikh.
Umno-BN’s extremely long hold over the country has resulted in their “couldn’t careless” attitude leading to theft of the people’s money as well as countless other misdemeanours besides the manipulation of vital public institutions so that the “shark” continues plundering the nation as is the case now.
The Attorney General remains silent despite the glaring evidence from the American Department of Justice in the case of the swindling of 1 MDB, the funds of which rightly belong to the rakyat.
Long live the Malays! We want the Malays as the majority community in this country to be of strong principles pushing for integrity and fighting corruption as well as the corrupt ruling this country.
Hidup Islam! Kita mahu Islam terus dipertahankan supaya Aqidah tidak terpisah dengan Akhlak dan Tadbir-Urus.
Juga amat mustahak sekaligus Islam terserlah sebagai Rahmatan Lil A’lamin, yang mana Islam memberi kasih sayang dan keamanan kepada semua makhluk ciptaanNya.
Long Live Islam! We want to see Islam defended and propagated as a way of life. We also want to see Islam and its followers together practising of Akhlak and good governance. Islam is strict about being trustworthy or being responsible to the people and nation, irrespective of one’s position. Islam also stresses ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’ where showers love and upholds peace for all of God’s creatures.
Hence, the politics of racial discrimination and extremist religion must be avoided so that Malaysia would be able to develop based on the broad universal values that benefit the rakyat.
This is because what is crucial today is how we can ensure that our country remains free of corruption.
How can the people’s income be increased? How can the cost of living be reduced? How can youth unemployment be overcome? And how can the people really be comfortable and be not burdened?
Therefore, efforts to make this a progressive and civilised nation requires the joint effort of the rakyat, NGOs and political parties in facing the kleptocratic, corruption-ridden regime that has stolen tens of billions of the rakyat’s wealth.
Mohamad Sabu
President of National Trust Party (AMANAH)

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