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Monday, June 19, 2017

Malaysia Airlines cancels KL-Darwin flight, Australians surprised

Report says there is some confusion over when exactly the service between the two cities will end, and that those who have booked flights are angry over the sudden decision.
malaysia-airlineKUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines has cancelled its direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Darwin, without, it seems adequate notice.
The move has caught travellers, travel agents and Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) government off guard, according to NT News.
It said there was confusion about when exactly the service would end.
NT News was told by Malaysia Airlines that the direct service between Darwin and Kuala Lumpur had been cancelled effective immediately. However, it noted, online schedules showed the last service being on July 27.
NT Tourism Minister Lauren Moss was quoted as saying that although there had been no formal announcement yet from Malaysia Airlines, the service would end on July 28.
The report said as recently as the weekend, Darwin travel agents were still taking bookings for the Darwin to Kuala Lumpur service.
NT News reported that agents it contacted said they had been told Monday morning that Malaysia Airlines would be making an announcement about the Darwin to Kuala Lumpur service within 24 hours.
According to the report, travellers who have paid for flights from Darwin are being told that their flights are now departing from Singapore.
The report said several angry travellers had contacted NT News, complaining they were told their tickets would not be refunded. This means they would have to pay the cost of flights from Darwin to Singapore to use their Malaysian Airlines tickets.
Moss was quoted by NT News as saying: “This news is extremely disappointing but one that has ultimately been made for commercial reasons.”
“The Territory Government has worked with NT Airports and Tourism Australia to support this service, including offering cooperative marketing opportunities and meeting with airline representatives in Kuala Lumpur as recently as this month.
“We understand services from a number of locations are being pulled, not just the Territory.
“We will continue to explore opportunities with Malaysia Airlines into the future, including possible seasonal flights.” -FMT

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