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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MIC a part of the wider BN feeding chain

YOURSAY | ‘It’s a coalition that sees no wrong in allegedly using public funds to pursue self-serving interests.’
Trueglitter: MIC treasurer-general S Vell Paari, playing to the gallery with your demeaning rebuttals will neither enhance your self-professed invincibility nor conceal your distorted view involving allegations on said matters by the much-respected Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, as in fact it has explicitly served to expose the pathetic level of your own intelligence and absence of credibility.
You should look into your own mirror which clearly reflects the litany of past allegations damning your past wrongdoings that would inevitably cause even a hardened politician to cringe in humiliation and embarrassment.
Acknowledging the protracted displays of your much-emboldened cum "devil-may-care" ruthlessness, it will serve you well to be pragmatic and honest with your views on matters unfolding before you rather than be outrageously defiant and abrasive with your nonsensical utterances that will only betray your blatant arrogance.
Anonymous #40538199: Please, the question is not whether you or your party receive funds from the BN chairperson. The question is whether the money is legally obtained or diverted from funds belong to the rakyat?
Anonymous #44199885: Yes, it is not the receipt of money that is of concern but the source of the funds. And Vell Paari, like other politicians in Malaysia, miss the point that the source of funds is important as it points to whether the act was done with integrity or a corrupt act.
If the latter, then the government must investigate and prosecute. However, the government acts dumb and trying very hard to distract Malaysians from the alleged colossal theft of public funds via 1MDB and the failure of our institutions in protecting the public coffers.
I can’t understand the mentality of these people, as it is alleged that only a few have directly benefitted from the use of the 1MDB funds and that in the billions - aren’t they at least jealous that the pie had not been shared in proportion to racial composition just like everything else and complain and shout and call for action, or are these the kind who like ‘I don’t care because I have my own kingdom and empire from which to milk money’, that is, to each his own?
Anonymous 122461436161429: As a Malaysian, I am truly ashamed of this man.
There is everything wrong with receiving millions which have been allegedly stolen from taxpayers and handing it out to political parties to gain votes.
There are so many laws broken and this man says it's fine. And while RM19 million given to the Indians over two years, where have the other billions gone? To pink diamonds, bags, properties, paintings?
Doesn't this man as a leader of our country ask this question and make the thieves accountable? Isn't he happy that the billions are being recovered for us by honest men and women?
This is the sick standard of politics and governance Malaysians have to suffer until BN is destroyed once and for all.
Clever Voter: MIC is part of the wider BN feeding chain. It's part of the membership benefits of a coalition that see no wrong in allegedly using public funds to pursue their self-serving interests.
The unprincipled coalition is incapable of generating its own funds. Using the much-needed money to feed the decadent lifestyles is one thing, MIC as in the case of others too has to support an extended family that does nothing but to ensure the double standards are followed and things go according to Umno agenda.
Their so-called constituents will receive crumbs. The entire culture is not open and ethical but one that is closer to secrecy and feudalistic. As such, they don't see anything wrong with such 'business transaction'.
Politics to them is about opportunities. After all, it’s a winner takes all. That's how one operates, and they can see no wrong.
CQ Muar: Vell Paari, of course, something is definitely morally wrong if the money MIC received hailed from Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) because the source allegedly originated from 1MDB.
It is not a donation from PM Najib Razak's personal money, but that of the multi-billion he allegedly taken from 1MDB that is disturbing.
Ravinder: Indeed, it is not Najib's "generosity" that is in question, but the source of the money which he claims he doesn't know of.
It is like someone finding someone's wallet on the road and instead of returning the money in it, keeping it and denying the source of that money.
You call this Islamic value, or are political leaders not obliged to follow their religious teachings or even the laws of the country?
Clearly, those who partake in the stolen goods are accomplices to the act.
Anonymous 706151436780066: Vell Paari is one of the last to admit that all the BN parties had their snouts in the trough and enjoyed the spoils of the prime minister's handiwork.
Is there anything left to imagine? It would now be fair to consider the whole of the BN government tainted with fiduciary improprieties of one shade or another. No exceptions. They all expected to get their share.
AntiRacial: Vell Paari, I strongly believe that it is not Sarawak Report's intention to discredit you or your MIC, but they just merely want to highlight the transaction happened to indicate that the monies might be from 1MDB.
There is nothing there for the Sarawak Report to discredit you or your MIC as you and your MIC have no credit value left anyway.
You and your MIC had just been lucky Sarawak Report did not go to extend to highlight how those monies were spent by you and your MIC, so don’t make too much noise and force Sarawak Report to do that.
Leo: "All component parties receive money from BN, that is politics," said Vell Paari.

MIC is one of the rotten eggs of the same basket. It is time to discard the whole basket. Now.- Mkini

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