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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

MIC whitewashing Indian food trader issue, says Ramasamy

If food trader was let go due to 'administrative reasons', Kamalanathan must reveal what these are, says DAP rep.
p-ramasamy-KamalanathanGEORGE TOWN: A federal minister has come under fire over the handling of an issue involving an Indian food trader at a government polytechnic here who was allegedly let go due to the stall’s “non-compliance with the shariah code”.
DAP’s P Ramasamy said Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan’s press statement was merely a public relations stunt in an attempt to whitewash the issue.
“Most of the time, it is very difficult to fathom on whose side Kamalanathan is on. Is he an Indian rep or is he representing those who manage educational institutions?
“It is not known whether he really takes up and articulates the various problems by members of the Indian community.
“So much so, he has become a ‘yes man’ for those in power rather than a person who is genuinely interested in furthering the interests of the downtrodden and poor Indians,” Ramasamy told FMT.
Ramasamy said since Kamalanathan had admitted to not knowing what had happened, the explanation of the trader being let go due to “administrative reasons” was questionable.
He said Kamalanathan had yet to clarify what these violated administrative guidelines were or why the Indian food trader had failed to follow them.
Kamalanathan had denied allegations that the Indian stall owner was given notice to leave due to racial reasons, attributing it instead to “administrative issues”.
He also noted that three other stall owners, who were Malays, also operating at the polytechnic’s canteen, were asked to leave at the same time.
“Like his other earlier attempts, Kamalanathan is infamous for defusing matters that are considered racial and insensitive,” Ramasamy said.
“He simply lacks the honesty or commitment to address matters in a straightforward manner.
“Since he does not know in detail what happened in the institution, how can he say the matter of termination was purely administrative and not racial? Something is seriously wrong with his statement.”
Ramasamy said what had happened to the Indian trader was just the tip of the iceberg of the larger problem on the “overt pro-Malay policies” of the present federal government.
He said despite the denials, many non-Malays would continue to harbour the belief that the food trader was a victim of racial and religious discrimination.
Ramasamy said over the years, pro-Bumiputera policies in government projects, big and small, had been out of reach for most non-Malays.
“This is the general truth and the BN non-Malay component parties cannot behave as if they don’t know about it.
“It is a weakness of these political parties that have prevented non-Malays from fully participating in projects awarded by the federal government.
“Even contracts for garbage collection have been denied to non-Malays, especially those in the lower-category groups.”
FMT has contacted Kamalanathan for comment and is awaiting his response. -FMT

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