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Friday, June 2, 2017

Mistaken identity aside, the real Florence Goh must step forward

YOURSAY | 'What has MCA done to help the people check mismanagement of public funds?'
CQ Muar: This is symbolic of a magnanimous and gracious personality. CRT Insights Technologies director Florence Goh Siew Boey must be profusely commended for forgiving and accepting Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli's apology over his mistake in identifying the wrong ‘Florence Goh’.
This brings an end to a potential brickbat which benefits no one. Like Goh, we hope Rafizi will take the cue and not make such a mistake again.
Vijay47: In an amazing coincidence, two women with the same name got mixed up in a political issue concerning another of the prime minister's strange businesses, where fees are being paid to recover Malaysia's lost reputation abroad.
Which of course is another story.
Yes, Rafizi has made a mistake, an understandable one since both women are named Florence Goh; it was not a case of one being Florence Goh and the other Siti Maimunah Geraldine Sivagami Kaur.
To his credit, Rafizi apologised and in similar vein, Goh immediately accepted his apology without going to town on the issue.
The only losers in this comedy of errors in a teacup are the heroes of MCA, who had the wind taken out of their sails by the generous gesture by Goh.
There is only one thing left - will the real Florence Goh of the lobbyist Godfrey Group Ltd stand up?
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Goh, you have a big heart. For that I must congratulate you. To forgive is divine. I'm glad this matter of genuine misidentification on the part of Rafizi is brought to an end as it should be.
Others who want to fish in troubled waters may be disappointed that you do not wish to pursue it further. That's their problem, not yours.
Clongviews: This is the true Malaysian spirit. It was a genuine mistake and a public apology was extended and graciously accepted. The story ends without wasting everyone's time.
Anonymous 1802761448130592: It's great to have a woman who is so forgiving. If only more Malaysians can be like Goh, we can all live together more harmoniously irrespective of race, religion, culture, belief and status.
Kamikasi: Goh, you should have just gone directly to Rafizi for clarification. I know as a man of integrity Rafizi will own up if he's wrong.
Why go to Malaysia's 'Most Confused Party' and make a mess of the whole episode?
Legit: This saga was blown out of proportion by the MCA leader who wanted to capitalise on it. I hope everything is now settled and Goh doesn't get influenced by MCA any further.
Durio Zibethinus: Apologies aside, the fact remains: Prime Minister Najib Razak has allegedly recruited a US lobbyist (using a proxy).
Sleepy: The main issue is the government indulging in lobbying and the use of public funds to do so, not the non-issue of mistaken identity.
Hence Goh and Rafizi should be commended for not prolonging the matter.
Chokstone:  Regardless of the mistake, Rafizi has done the right thing, at least we have come closer to the answer that matters - that is, the one concerning the mismanagement of public funds.
What has MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong done to help the people to check mismanagement of public funds?
Democracy: Goh, thanks for going all out and nailing Rafizi for his mistake and forgive him as fast as Rafizi's apology.
However, have you finished your other duty as a concerned citizen? Yes, ask Wee to find out who the other Goh is, the one who is located next to your address, and who may have committed a crime.
You could be mistaken for her the next time, but the person who made the mistake may not be a gentleman like Rafizi. He could be hired to act against the real Goh, and you could potentially become the victim.
Headhunter: Frankly, anyone would assume the same as the details are uncannily similar. This has been a distraction to divert from the real issue.
Rafizi can now move on and go after the real culprit.
Boeyks: It looks like both Rafizi and Goh want an end this episode fast since it's mistaken identity. However, there are some opportunists wanting to get political mileage even out of this minor incident, when the major ones are just "ignored".
She is not the person involved, so it’s the end of the story. He was misled. Who wouldn't be? Same name, same state, same town, same housing estate, even same street address, except for one minor difference in the street number.
This reminds me of the chief justice and lawyer VK Lingam's New Zealand trip, or the case of Aabar Investments PJS and Aabar Investments PJS Ltd (BVI) in which 1MDB had sent billions to the wrong one, and had to repay another amount for that mistake.
You can't blame Rafizi for his mistake without doing the same to 1MDB for their mistake.
Keturunan Malaysia: Rafizi, a long time ago when I was travelling in Indonesia, our tour guide said this about their leaders:
"We have many qualified men for the job, but they are not interested. Those not qualified fight for the job and now we are stuck with them."

You Rafizi, as it stands now, is indeed well-qualified. Keep it up.
Wira: Now, will the real Goh step forward and be counted? Rafizi still has to shame a kleptocratic government from more excesses. -Mkini

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