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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Unlike MO1, Cynthia Gabriel makes us proud overseas

YOURSAY | ‘For once, a Malaysian has been featured in the US in positive light.’
Tan Heng Ken: Congratulations to C4 director Cynthia Gabriel, you and your team rightly deserve this recognition fighting for righteousness in a very challenging environment.
Now let's see if those in power will stop you from receiving the award like what they did to Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah.
HaveAGreatDay: It is an honour well deserved. “…The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will speak at the Capitol Hill presentation, while several other leading members of Congress are expected to present the awards.”
Phew! Fortunately, US President Donald Trump is not in the list of attendees.
Anonymous 1034721438846003: Cynthia, your award is a disgrace to Malaysia. Why can't you help Najib to make his name better known in the international media arena? What is wrong with corruption, Cynthia?
Tell me which country do not practice corruption: some call it ‘commission’ or ‘rebate’. Since you are so interested in the Scorpene submarines case, you should focus on the technological aspect on why the submarine allegedly cannot sink. Blaming Najib Razak alone is not fair!
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Cynthia, Malaysians are proud of you. For once, you, a Malaysian, have been featured in the US in positive light.
All this while, it is MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), businessman Jho Low and Prime Minister Najib Razak's stepson Riza Aziz, who are hogging the headlines there over shameful allegations.
In the US, please use the opportunity to thank US Department of Justice (DOJ) on behalf of 30 million Malaysians, whose voices are ignored here.
Vijay47: Well done, Cynthia, that your work has been recognised, at least in the rest of the world. Chances are that in Malaysia, others would want to say that you are a traitor, a tool, and everything that Umno or Perkasa is not.
It is a tough job, Cynthia, but keep it up and best wishes to you and C4 … the organisation, not the other one.
Anonymous #13957745: Cynthia, congratulations, and a salute to you. Always never ever give up. Despite the space that you are working in is fast closing in and the environment is becoming more hostile, remember, the darkest hour is always followed by daybreak.
Worldly Wise: Cynthia Zmust be complimented. At the same time, we have to recognise that she has a long struggle ahead in Malaysia.
In Malaysia, RTM is controlled. Newspapers are controlled. Public perception of the legal system and judiciary is at a very low ebb.
Anonymous 2447961480069542: Cynthia is a true patriot who dares to fight for the rule of law in Malaysia at great risks to herself. Will our MO1 government allow her to travel and pick up her award?
Now that the award is in US and not, say Taiwan, the authorities will probably lick their wounds and do nothing for fear of further adverse publicity relating to 1MDB.
When abroad, Cynthia should highlight 1MDB issues such as how nothing is being done in Malaysia despite damning evidence, because all the relevant institutions have been compromised by the man allegedly using stolen taxpayers' money.
Touche: Cynthia is a true towering Malaysian, unlike the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and most of the ruling elite. Syabas.
888: Communist China treats its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) like just another comrade. For example, one from the LGBT community has risen from rank and file to become a decorated colonel of the PLA (People's Liberation Army).
After leaving the army, 'she' ran a ballet business and became a superstar of China, after which she hosts a talk show and is referred to as China's Oprah Winfrey. She and her German husband are proud parents of two adopted children.
In Singapore, we have the celebrity comedian Kumar who is very popular, and her shows attract international audiences. What are we in this country?
Pang Khee Teik: Among the people TN50 (Transformasi Nasional 2050) dialogued with was Hijrah Republique president Mohd al Khusairi Mohd Ariff (How fabulous that someone who is part of an organisation to help people not to be gay or trans also wants to be called an LGBT activist.).
But he spent a lot of time complaining about how other LGBT activists give them a bad name because these other LGBT activists are fighting for “rights that shouldn’t be fought for”, such as same-sex marriage. (We didn't know we were fighting for same sex marriage? Thanks for informing us, I guess?).
He said they are "merely fighting for the right to improve themselves and to be treated as a fellow human beings" (when he said ‘improve’, I believe he meant to ‘improve’ their sexual orientation and gender identity to something considered less defective by the government. But darling, LGBTs are the pinnacle of human evolution. How can you improve on that?).
But still, I hope I'm not giving these LGBT activists a bad name by stating my support for and solidarity with them. For their hope for insurance coverage for people with HIV, for their appeal for better access to healthcare, employment, education, public services, etc. and for their profound desire to be treated like fellow human beings. I only hope they treat other LGBT activists the same.
Warrant Addict: Remember the 'Nasi Lemak Pondan'? That's a money-making business. The transgenders have got their own special expertise such as in the food industry, hairstyling, wedding organising and even in the padi fields and much more. We must give credit to them.
Please provide them facilities, loans (not only by the Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) but also commercial banks). Treat them as a marginalised group like the Orang Asli.
Basically: What's the point of holding this meeting for a 50-years-from-now ideal, if they can't even accept the most fundamental problem, that is the criminalisation, demonisation and religious condemnation of the LGBT?
Without accepting these as roots of the problem, any talk is as futile as TN50 itself. Besides, like all other silly TN50 goals, it doesn't take 50 years just to stop oppressing a minority group.           
Clever Voter: The nation is increasingly being filled with bigots and extremists. They have no respect for diverse views on religious faith or sexual preferences. Not only are these bigots are prejudiced and biased, they hold very stereotypical views towards women and the LGBT.
Often, verbal abuse is being used as a common bullying tactic. Sadly, these people are also in charge of public policy and public services. Their public opinions are made known and they take pride in only listening to themselves.
If we are to progress as a nation, first they must recognise the existence of others besides their own. Then collectively, there must be acceptance, including in our laws.

Worse still, we see the use of religious principles to attack presumably the weaker ones, simply because they are not empowered, and are the minority in most cases. The authorities do not seem to be serious about them; presumably their votes don't count.
It's about time that this has to change.- Mkini


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