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Sunday, June 4, 2017

We must unite, globally, against all forms of terrorism

Governments around the world must unite on the war against all forms of 'terror' and not just the 'ism' of terrorism.
In the wake of the attack on Londoners this weekend, the world must take a concerted stand and action in a global unity to weed out terror and terrorism. Extending merely 'politically correct' sounding statements of sympathy is the worst effort to fight the terror and 'ism' that snatches away the very fundamental rights of democratic nations.
Every nation, big or small, First World or Third, must wake up to admit openly, check, weed out and plug all forms of terror even before they aim or claim to tackle the 'ism' that entrenches terror mindsets and behaviour.
For example, in Malaysia, who does not dread the illegal motorbike racing - better known as 'Mat Rempit', who have permanently conquered every city and town roads at night.
These 'terror illegal racers' not only endanger their own lives but have driven terror in the hearts of innocent public road users. Police crackdowns are not seeing a dramatic change of patterns as these racers continue conquer roads and terrorise people with their rage.
The painful weekend London attack
Segments of society that terrorise a nation of law abiding citizens are as bad as those inspired by convoluted 'isms', taking innocent lives with rage as we sadly and painfully witnessed in this weekend's attack in London.
In this century, the war against any form of terror on citizens must be measured, assessed and punished. Even governments that use religion as weapons of political war against segments of citizens and opponent political parties must be viewed with suspicion.
Governments cannot anymore hide under the threats of 'this is an internal matter and so do not meddle with our country'. They have to account to the global communities on how they are addressing and progressing in their war against both terror and 'isms' in their own yards.
Hence, it is quite understandable why US President Donald Trump, chidded the Mayor of London, and rightly so.
In this regard too, taking Malaysia as an example, the government needs to do more in its fight against terror before it ends up having to wage war on acts of terror fuelled with 'isms' that are spiked with religious distortions.
The measure is, if any government cannot make its streets safe for everybody, day and night, it will never be ready in the war against terrorism.
For as long as citizens have to live in fear of terror, being terrorised and terrorism, the world is not going to be a better place for every law abiding citizen.
It is the moral and categorical imperative for leaders around the world to clean up their yards of breeding terror, terrorising segments before they can even send out politically correct words of diplomacy to the world in the wake of any terrorist attacks.- Mkini

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