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Monday, June 26, 2017

When all else fails, cook up a fake news story

YOURSAY | ‘The sole objective is to create doubts in the minds of the populace...’
Pemerhati Bebas: A commentary on the BN Backbenchers Council (BNBBC) portal has claimed that a US$27.3 million (RM116 million) pink diamond, allegedly acquired using stolen funds and gifted to the wife of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), does not exist in the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) third civil forfeiture suit related to 1MDB.
Instead, the commentary claimed that the jewellery was a creation of news portal Malaysiakini. It then accused Malaysiakini of influencing the international media regarding the pink diamond.
Malaysiakini, you have to excuse BNBBC. First of all, they don't read English. Even if a few of them do, they don't fully understand the words.
Secondly, they will not check for the facts, not when the document comes in 251 pages. Just one look at it, and they will give up.
So, be magnanimous and forgive them for their shortcomings.
Oldtimer: It is no surprise that the writer from the BNBBC portal stated that the US$27.3 million pink diamond does not exist in the DOJ filing.
Either he did not read the document, or if he did, he is illiterate in English, and cannot understand the language used in the document.
Or, he is so desperate that he is prepared to lie to the readers of the BNBBC portal who are Umno-BN supporters, or he is stupid to think all Malaysians are as stupid as him.
Annonymous: The fact is that Umno, with its total control of the mainstream media and all its party propaganda machinery, has already lost the war.
It will resort to spin and lies, and continue to spew hate news, and attack all online news outlets and the opposition in their desperate but futile attempt to defend pink diamonds.
And they still think they can lie to the new generation of enlightened and educated Malays who rely on and believe online news media.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: BNBBC is not interested in the truth. It is obsessed only with shielding MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), even though the facts are staring right in front of them.
Their sole objective is to create doubts in the minds of the populace, in particular, its vote bank.
Ian2003: I feel sorry for those gullible chaps who read the comment piece published by the BNBBC site.
These news organisations - Reuters, CNN, Al Jazeera and Bloomberg - would be reporting facts based on their own findings and would not be relying on any particular reporting agency, much less Malaysiakini, even though it is a very credible organisation.
Ryan: The news agencies around the world, and Malaysian online and print media obtained the news about the third civil forfeiture suit related to 1MDB from the DOJ’s official press release on June 15, 2017.
It is very stupid to assume other international news agencies had to get the news from Malaysiakini. If you want to read the DOJ original press release, just visit the DOJ’s website. You can download the court filing at the end of the page.
I believe the BNBBC has made up a story so that the police can take action against Malaysiakini for reporting the truth.
FairMind: Yes, that means they are going after Malaysiakini for writing about the pink diamond. The prelude to taking action is to create lies about Malaysiakini, followed by the lodging of police reports by their cronies.
Hang Babeuf: In other words, get ready for the next legal onslaught - the next round of retribution by or through legal instruments - against Malaysiakini. Yet again, not "rule of law", but "rule through law".
Just a Malaysian: In Malaysia, when a scandal hits, the typical reaction is, “Let’s catch the person leaking out this scandal. Let’s catch the media reporting on this scandal. Let’s blame the opposition for initiating this scandal.”
But investigate the scandal and see if it is true? No need for that.
Knockknock: Could it be that Malaysiakini created an episode like a “Mission Impossible” movie? Umno could easily raid Malaysiakini, check its contents, and let us all know if Malaysiakini is a cheat.
Grey Matter: It was BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan who asked why DOJ would mention the pink diamond when it is not seeking to seize it. He accused the DOJ of wanting to tarnish PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor's name.
If it was not in the DOJ documents, where did he pick it up?
Newday: Fascinating. So, Malaysiakini inserted information on MO1’s wife’s jewellery into the DOJ report?
Funny how all the overseas news agencies, who reported on the DOJ report immediately after its release, managed to be manipulated by a local online news portal.
Fake news, fake news, fake news. Gee, myself and millions of others were sucked in by this seditious news portal. I'm cancelling my subscription (in about 20 years’ time)!
Half-Jew-RPK: Wow, Malaysiakini nowadays is allegedly so powerful that it can even dupe CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg. We should be proud of Malaysiakini.
Anonymous 444981488553970: Truth is truth and people can see it. Even if it's covered up or not, it will eventually be seen.
So if there's no wrongdoing, eventually all these allegations will die a natural death. But if it's true, it will live on.

Anonymous 2401191456463140: I’m proud to be a Malaysiakini subscriber. Standing tall alongside Reuters, CNN, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera.- Mkini

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