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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Zakir Naik boasts of citizenship offers from 10 countries

The controversial preacher who has been given PR status by Malaysia tells a Saudi Arabian channel that he is undecided on which to accept.
PETALING JAYA: Fugitive Islamist preacher Zakir Naik, who is wanted for terrorism-related investigations in India, has claimed to have been offered citizenship by at least 10 governments but has not decided which he should take.
In an interview aired on the Saudi Arabian channel Al Majd TV, the Indian national denied reports that he had accepted another citizenship and boasted that he had been offered residence in the countries.
New Delhi-based The Hindu newspaper reported on Friday that Naik made the claim in an interview with the channel at its studio in Riyadh a week before.
“I have not made up my mind about whether I should take up another citizenship because of the difficulties I am facing on the basis of baseless charges [in India],” Naik was quoted as saying.
“By God’s grace, I have been offered citizenship by at least 10 Islamic nations,” he added.
“Maybe in the future I will accept if appropriate, as even according to (Islamic texts), if people are persecuting me for my thoughts I have to protect myself.”
The Hindu report said Naik is among several Islamic scholars banned in India who have been granted permanent residence (PR) by Malaysia.
It said Naik uses Malaysia as a base, and travels most frequently to Saudi Arabia.
It added that Naik has already been banned in the UK and Canada for his hate speeches aimed at other religions, and is currently being opposed by activists in Lebanon from entering the country for his “extremist” and “inflammatory” utterances.
In June last year Bangladesh banned Naik’s channel Peace TV following allegations that it incited terrorism, and in November India banned his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) for five years, citing his “objectionable and subversive” speeches.
On May 30, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported that Naik was seeking Malaysian citizenship.
It quoted India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) sources as saying that although the controversial preacher had applied for citizenship, the Malaysian government was aware of the seriousness of the accusations against him.
The PTI report also said the Indian government planned to use its diplomatic channels to frustrate attempts by Naik to get citizenship in any country.
On April 18, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi disclosed that Naik had been given his Malaysian PR more than five years ago.
He also said Naik was not banned from entering Malaysia because he had not broken any laws in the country.
In March, India’s NIA had issued a notice for Naik to return to the country for questioning. He failed to do so.
The authorities there had also filed a money-laundering case against Naik, while the Mumbai-based IRF was accused of inciting Muslims and promoting enmity between different communities.
The NIA sought seeking a Red Notice from Interpol after Naik defied repeated summons to join in the probe into his affairs.
The Red Notice, to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition, is the closest instrument to an international warrant of arrest. - FMT

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