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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Zeti's 'BNM no power' excuse on 1MDB lame at best

YOURSAY | 'It's either to ease your conscience or save your tattered reputation. We don't buy it.'
Void: Former Bank Negara (BNM) governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, we agree that your institution does not have prosecution powers and neither does the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). The power to charge and prosecute lies within the hands of the attorney-general (AG).
But all the evidence to charge and prosecute lies within the hands of the respective institution that enforce the law. All the movement of money in 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion in and out of MO1's (Malaysian Official 1) personal account is all under the watch of BNM.
You should have known the source of the RM2.6 billion and where the monies had gone. But you failed your duty and then kept silent.
When MO1 said it was a donation, you kept silent. When MO1 said it had been returned to the donor, you kept silent. When the AG said there was no wrongdoing, you also kept silent.
Now you claim to have assisted those with prosecution powers. BNM is an important witness, but now you say it can only issue the highest fines. What about the evidence you have given to the AG?
Rick Teo: Zeti, you are one of the worst governors this country has ever had. I really don't know how a person like you could ever win those accolades as a superlative bank governor.
You allowed billions of the country's money to flow out illicitly during your watch, and you did nothing to prevent it. History will judge your legacy as one filled with incompetence.
When the US$2.6 billion flowed in and out of MO1's account you did nothing to stop it or report it. That only shows your lack of integrity and incompetence as a Bank Negara governor.
Why was Bank Negara silent about the funds from 1MDB being transferred in and out until whistleblower website Sarawak Report blew the lid on the scandal of epic proportions?
Anonymous_1196: What Zeti says is bull. You could have prosecuted for money laundering via personal accounts transactions.
Again, don't think Malaysians are stupid. I don't trust you, like I don't trust former AG Abdul Gani Patail and former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin either, despite them being sacked over the 1MDB issue.
Fair Play: Another way of interpreting Zeti's comment is this: she has no power to go after those whom she reports to. You can't really blame her. Dr Mahathir Mohamad implemented this system. The incumbent PM just perfected it.
The real power is vested in the Umno president. If one is not the president of Umno, one can never be the PM. That's why the only direction the nation is heading is south and deeper south.
Anonymous 2460541488536656: I don't think Zeti is lying because others who are more knowledgeable can easily refute her statement that Bank Negara does not have prosecution powers.
If one reads between the lines, she does not sound satisfied with those who have this power.
Fredtan: Zeti, you should have kept silent. You should have laid low so that Malaysians would forget you and your dereliction of duty as BNM governor when the country was and still is faced with the worst scandal ever involving top leaders.
The alleged stealing of billions of the country's money took place under your watch. Thus, the fact is you had failed, very miserably.
Making lame excuses like BNM has no power to prosecute, either to ease your conscience or to save your tattered reputation, would not bring about much sympathy by Malaysians for your failure.
Go and retire and play with your grandchildren, we don't need to hear from you anymore. Only come back once you have found the courage to speak out frankly, and reveal the truth of 1MBD.
Restless: By making all these statements, do you think you have exonerated yourself from the crimes of abetting the alleged thieves to cheat the rakyat big time?
Please stop making flimsy statements like this in response to the US Department of Justice's ( DOJ) expose. Don't try to mitigate your guilt.
As a once glorious BNM governor, the burden of duty on you demands more than just clearing 1MDB with some undisclosed fine and assume all is okay. Please do the honourable thing.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: It is not fair to put the blame on Zeti. She already said BNM does not have the power to prosecute. BNM had already assisted the other agencies. If I recall correctly, BNM did suggest breaches of banking laws to the attorney-general.
However, the AG thought otherwise, and would not prosecute. Therefore, don't be too hard on Zeti. She is a true professional.
Fairman: Zeti, when the situation demanded it, you did not rise to the occasion. After having seen the former AG removed and later the ex-MACC top officer also shifted elsewhere, you as a member of the task force decided to play the cards well until your tenure was over.
Odin Taju√©: Madam, the big problem with all of you who are trying to protect 'Ah Moi' is that you are arrogant and take ordinary Malaysians for fools. The arrogance is, of course, shored up and braced by your complete lack of, among other unflattering characteristics, shame.
US$681,000,000 or approximately RM2,200,000,000 at the time was transferred into Ah Moi's personal bank accounts and you never asked him how he came to receive such a colossal sum of money?
Many fellow readers are obviously Malaysians and, with no intention to insult them whatsoever, quite unlikely to be captains of industry and other similar high-flyers, but they are far more intelligent than you think Malaysians in general are.
And they can tell where you have not done the right thing.
By the way, to illustrate the irony, I once paid less than RM2,000 on my credit card bill to an American bank, and your Malaysian bank concerned wanted to know where and how I got my funds.
R Venugopal: You seize assets of MLM (multilevel marketing) and forex companies, but when it comes to funds received by MO1, you close your eyes.
Why must a donation come through a third party in Singapore? Money that was "returned" also went through Singapore. Is BNM so dumb that you do not know the source of the said funds?

Zeti, what you have stated make us laugh and doubt you and BNM's integrity. You have done injustice to the nation, and have only done MO1 a favour.- Mkini

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