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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dr M vs Zahid – it’s just the prelude

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid should have known better not to upset the 'old man'.’
Trueglitter: Regrettable, DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been given a double-dose of his own medicine by the wily and unforgiving former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, when the much-respected cum senior statesman's reputation and character has been unfairly discredited for his alleged Indian parentage by a very arrogant and emboldened Zahid.
Clearly, it is a grievous and unpardonable mistake made by the opportunistic Zahid for unwittingly undermining Mahathir's mental faculty without acknowledging that the uncanny and foxy Mahathir is endowed with the mental capacity which is akin to a "walking encyclopaedia" that has the capability to provide the ominous certainty to cause Zahid’s downfall in the coming general election.
Small wonder even his own boss, PM Najib Razak, who is Mahathir's arch-enemy, would not have the slightest courage or desire to touch the former with even a "barge pole" for fear that more "black" secrets may leak out to the dire detriment to himself and Umno-BN due to the "long memory" of a deceptive but combative nonagenarian.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: Any Umno member can allegedly get away with thievery as they are all carved from the same stone. Hence, it’s all for one and one for all.
Indeed, it’s time for those who have been voting for them election after election to finally say enough is enough. Imagine how rich this country would be if we were not overpaying for projects just so that someone or some people or Umno itself, could get its cut.
Or how more efficient it could be if all taxpayers’ money or monies collected from businesses, were actually used to better ourselves.
We, as a country, would be far better off today if only these corrupt politicians were dealt a blow in the past elections.
Anonymous_1397613657: Mahathir, why didn’t you take action against Zahid then? Why only expose it now?
Anyway, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should start probing all the Umno big guns if they are serious in fighting corruption. Better late than never.
6th Generation Immigrant: Again, this old man lives to see his follies for not doing things right when he was in power.... a karma in process.
He did not kill off Zahid then. Corruption hibernated in his time, and yet he had throughout his days in power denied that it did happen.
It’s good that Mahathir is playing (today) with whatever cards he has left in his hands, revealing all his past mistakes, learning from them and openly fighting the mistakes that he had helped shape.
RM230 million is surely a big one for that era, even for him.
Worried Sick: I feel that if Dr M was still the PM of our country (no matter what his age), we wouldn't be in this mess.
Banks overseas are claiming so much money from us. I wonder why? Where is this money going to come from? And why are we supposed to pay this huge sum within five days to these foreign entities? Can somebody please explain to us ordinary citizens?
I am confused and shocked. I personally don't care what Dr M did when he was the PM, but he never made the ordinary man suffer or pay excessive taxes.
Clever Voter: Zahid should have known better not to upset the 'old man'. His crude way of undermining Mahathir was beyond anyone's guess, and not a cheer of support was heard upon his revelation.
But such an act is an all-time low of how dirty politics are being played in this country. Character assassination is bad enough, but the seditious and racist remarks are way below the international standards.
Above all, what more can we expect from the rest of Umno membership when their number two behave in such a manner. This is another reason why BN has to be replaced.
Anonymous #03815719: This shows Umno leaders are all millionaires. The poor Malays who voted for them remain poor.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: I long for the day when we see a secular head of government who is beyond corruption here in Malaysia. It seems like a pipe dream as this is surely a rare thing the world over.
I don't know the level of corruption that exists amongst government leaders and officials in other countries, but most of us are faced with the astounding levels that exist here in Malaysia.
Worse, all it takes is to throw bits and pieces to 'supporters' before an election, and they're back power again to continue plundering and cheating.
And even worse is that these very people don't even seems to be proficient, intelligent or of any substance. They are empty vessels. This country could have been really great.
Legit: Mahathir has claimed that the feeling of shame no longer exists among a large number of public officials.
Indeed, everybody has lost their pride and has no shame in their sub-standard performance, irresponsible attitude, and non-accountability. You face this every day in your life. What happened?
Well, to start with, the rot has started from the head of the fish. Second, the feeling of the sense of entitlement among the population, the culture of mediocrity, the poor standard of our education system, and the list goes on.
This country needs a revolution of sorts before things can change for the better. Otherwise, we will all live in shame forever.
Clever Voter: Politicians literally get away with murder in this society which has so accustomed to a corrupt establishment. Simple rules are poorly enforced and ignored eventually.
Paying bribes are one way to get around the rules which eventually be replaced or privatised. There is no shame in receiving or paying literally everything that involves licensing or permits. Morally that was never discouraged nor punished.
What more, when such practices become institutionalised over time. Everyone has a price. That's no shame in asking for payment, especially in a patronage system that needs to nourished and sustained.
Mahathir is in no position to criticise. He was part of this patronage system which admittedly worsened over time. Accepting the corrupt establishment is a test of the nation moral compass, like it or not.
Anonymous 539281478077880: Mahathir, our leaders of today have forgotten the real meaning of "shame".
Money has allegedly overtaken shame, and blinded our leaders. Not only that; their alleged greed for money has lost them the support of the people who had voted them in to run the country. No one dares to open their mouths as long as they are fed well and taken care of.

But down here, we are finding it difficult to manage our monthly income to pay our daily expenses and debts. - Mkini

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