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Saturday, August 12, 2017

RM1 to be imposed on all leaving Malaysian airports for overseas

PARLIAMENT | The government today sought to collect regulatory service charges on airport passengers, through an amendment to the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Amendment) Bill 2017 (Mavcom Bill).
The amendment bill, which expands Mavcom's powers, was tabled for its first reading in the Parliament by Deputy Transport Minister Ab Aziz Kaprawi and will be tabled for its second reading in this session.
The bill does not elaborate on regulatory service charges that will be imposed on air travellers.
According to China Press, Deputy Transport Minister Ab Aziz Kaprawi said the service charge is expected to be RM1 and will apply both Malaysians and foreigners leaving the country through airports.
Aziz said this is to help fund Mavcom's regulatory activities.
Under the bill, Mavcom can also impose a maximum financial penalty of RM1 million against an individual for failure to observe its guidelines.
As for a company that fails to follow the guidelines, a maximum five percent of its annual turnover from the preceding financial year can be imposed.
Besides enhancing the effectiveness of Mavcom in exercising its functions, the bill will also ensure sufficient financial resources for protecting the rights and interests of consumers and the aviation development.
Under the bill, the commission can administer, allocate and manage air traffic rights for both domestic and international routes.
Mavcom will also be empowered to regulate unfair and arbitrary fees and charges imposed by the aviation service providers.
The commission may impose a maximum of RM200,000 fine for a first-timer who imposes arbitrary fees and charges.
For a repeat violation, one is liable to an amount ten times the penalty imposed on the first-timer.

Mavcom will also be given the power to issue guidelines, circulars, directives and practice notes.
The amendment is meant to facilitate the implementation of good practice in a shorter time-frame.
Mavcom was set up in March of 2016 to regulate economic and commercial matters related to civil aviation. - Mkini

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