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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dulu budak engineer kerja jual nasi lemak, sekarang budak engineer kerja cuci jamban pula.

Folks if you thought 1MDB is a serious problem, you are only partially correct. Here is a more serious problem. 
Super Moron was very proud that after four years of an engineering degree, one young girl ended up selling nasi lemak by the roadside.
Well here is another story. After four years of studying materials engineering, here is a young girl who has become a house cleaner. 
Lets run thru the story quickly:

Young, educated and jobless – sisters turn to domestic work

WHEN S N...na graduated as materials engineer, tried to secure a job.

After several rejected applications, she took up  job as domestic cleaner 
to help her single mother cope with the rising cost of living.

attracted to job because of flexible hours
can take home RM2,000 (a month)

look for work and help my mother

paid RM80 for each home she cleans. 
tidying up, mopping floors cleaning toilets. 
agency takes RM20 commission from each job.

work eight hours a day, five days a week
earn same wages as university graduate


According to Idris Jusoh, 54,867 (23.9%) of 228,568 uni grads 2015 unemployed 

number of jobless and cash-strapped graduates increase
more turning to jobs have never considered.

domestic work usually left to foreigners. 

people ask ‘Isn’t it disgusting to be cleaning someone else’s house?

They never guess I am university graduate 
ask all sorts of questions why I’m cleaning people’s homes

Not popular with locals

increase in number of university students taking on (maid) work 
Recently more students who are doing it 
they even invite their friends to join them

never hear of Malaysians working as maids. 
We always only hear of foreigners or illegal migrants doing it
My comments : Malay folks, please listen up.  Please wake up. 
 to help her single mother cope with the rising cost of living.
The Malay version of this story says her single mother has FIVE children.  This story is becoming all too familiar with the Malays.  There are too many single mothers with 4, 5, 6 kids or more. 

Where are the fathers? Some leave their wives and family, marry the 2nd or 3rd wife, get divorced etc. Although not exclusive, this problem seems to be quite chronic among the Malays.  I wrote about this in my first book "To Digress A Little" (in 2005, the book has not been banned yet).
Polygamy and single-motherhood generates a vicious cycle of poverty. Even graduating from university does not seem able to break this cycle. 
This is a very sad story.  
For comparison please ask this question : there must have been other young girls who are non Malays (Chinese, Indians, etc) who also graduated as materials engineers.
How many of the non Malay engineering graduates are unemployed or are working as house cleaners? Can we make comparisons? 
If even a university education cannot "level the playing field" it simply means that the Malay leaders, thinkers and planners simply do not know what the hell needs to be done to really help the Malays.   
Why dont you ask me?  My oldest boy is an architect and the younger is a surgeon. They have both been fully employed since they graduated. One has worked for a Chinese firm from day 1. Gets along well with all his Chinese colleagues, bosses and clients. 
Going back to the girl in the story, she says that she makes about RM2000 a month, and that she earns as much as other university graduates. 
Yes but doing what? Earning RM2000 a month as a young engineer doing real engineering work is NOT THE SAME as earning RM2000 a month cleaning toilets.  

After a few years of doing real engineering work, a young engineer can advance in life and career and go on to earn RM5,000, RM10,000 or more a month doing bigger things in engineering and handling more and more responsible positions.

After FIVE years of toilet cleaning, the toilet cleaner will perhaps be earning the same wages. Worse, she would not have advanced beyond anything more than cleaning toilets.
The Malay version of this story speaks about this girl "replacing foreign workers".
This is another screwed up view of things.  
In my building the toilet cleaners are Indonesian girls. They are usually illiterate or have basic primary education.  
It looks like these illiterate foreigners are going to be displaced by Malay graduate engineers.  

A few commenters in this blog have lamented the day that will come when Malaysia will be exporting Malay maids to other countries. 
Well, it looks like it is already happening here already.  Our Malay graduates are becoming nasi lemak sellers and house cleaners.

Malay folks, listen up. This is the end of the road.  Petronas has no more oil money to burn.  The age of oil is coming to an end.  They have cut off the monthly allowances for trainee teachers. It is a matter of time before university fees at the IPTAs are raised higher and higher.  Soon Malay kids cannot even afford to go for higher studies.

The age of the gomen throwing money and handing out projects and contracts is also coming to an end. Simply because there are too many people waiting in line for easy handouts. 

So if Malay grads choose to become house cleaners despite a university education, it is a serious problem. The problem is not because of a lack of money, lack of universities or a lack of opportunities. 
The problem is not rooted in a tangible matter. 
The problem is more psychological. 
It is a problem of culture, attitude and weak traditions.

This problem  is not generic to all races.  

Once people get a good education and some opportunities, they are able to pull themselves together and pull ahead. 

You cannot say the same for the Malays.

Now here comes the real scary part.

What about the Malay boys and girls who are mere SPM school leavers?
What about those who drop out of school after Tingkatan 3 (PMR) ?

If the materials engineers are becoming toilet cleaners, what do the SPM graduates and the SPM dropouts become? 

What about the PMR dropouts? 
Those who dont go to school beyond the PMR?

And there is no more PMR now. It is all school based assessment.

There is a solution.
There are always solutions.
There are always simple and common sensical solutions.

But let me tell you this - thus far the Malays are NOT THE PEOPLE to find the solutions to their problems.

From what we see, until today, the people or the society that is facing so many problems has not been able to generate the solutions to help itself.

In fact, things are getting worse for the Malays. 

They have to look outside their community for help and assistance.

If you do not know, then ask those who know.

How do you know that you do not know?

When your engineers are becoming toilet cleaners and nasi lemak sellers, then you should know that you do not know what you have done or what you are doing.

To deny that you do not know is called "bodoh sombong". 

Toilet cleaning it shall be then.

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