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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

EC denies GE14 this Oct, considers lodging report over claims

The Election Commission has denied claims made on the social media that the 14th general election will be held this October.
It said the postings by "irresponsible people since yesterday" are meant to confuse the public.
In a statement today, the commission added that it was considering lodging a police report over this matter.
“The fact is that the video which went viral is a simulation exercise by the EC officers.
“The EC would continue to observe and study the validity of the false news uploaded on the social media to ensure there are no efforts to tarnish its reputation.

“The EC's senior management is considering lodging a police report against those responsible for spreading the false news on the social media so that legal action can be taken against them,” it added.
The 40-second video made its rounds on social media leading to speculation that the impending general election will be held this October.
However, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has until the middle of next year to call for the polls.- Mkini

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