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Thursday, August 3, 2017

MACC's ‘catch-and-release’ fishing won't snare ‘sharks and whales’

YOURSAY | ‘Don't play innocent. Just do your job, and investigate openly and fairly.’
Vijay47: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Dzulkifli Ahmad has expressed puzzlement over accusations that the graft busters had only gone after low-ranking officers, described as "ikan bilis" (anchovies), but ignored the "sharks and whales".
Dzulkifli, your purported bewilderment over sharks and ikan bilis is expected, but smacks of hypocrisy. To bring the public's sentiments down to basics, MACC will always be seen as being selective in their attention as long as the suspects in the 1MDB controversy are not investigated and charged.
How convenient it is for you to wring your hands in despair and claim that you need evidence before you can take someone to court - you are insulting our intelligence.
How is it that in a case where numerous secondary 1MDB players in the rest of the world have been charged, you hold that nothing illegal was committed in Malaysia? How is it that where ikan bilis are concerned, you seem to have all the evidence in the world?
Anonymous 2456321485312809: You say action must be based upon sufficient evidence. The evidence has been there in the Public Accounts Committee report all along, together with the document that the attorney-general waved for the world to see in his press conference a while ago.
The Singapore and Swiss prosecutors have uncovered enough evidence to secure convictions even with the Malaysian AG's refusal to help. On top of all that, the US Department of Justice has more than enough of the evidence that you need.
All these authorities have done the job that you did not have the balls to do. Don't play innocent. Just do your job, and investigate openly and fairly. I am very sure that if you do that, you will find the whale that everyone can see even now.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Dzulkifli, don't pretend to be puzzled. You know what the rakyat mean by "sharks and whales". We also do not want to see sports fishing only, which is catch-and-release. The measure of the MACC's success is how many of those caught are prosecuted and sentenced by the court.
On this score, MACC has been most disappointing. Don't point the finger at the Attorney-General’s Chambers.
Next time you wish to come on air, do it with other TV stations that are neutral, not TV3. You need to work harder, Dzulkifli.
Anonymous #44199885: Open your eyes and look all around you. The evidence and means to get it is in plain sight.
You only need to reach out to Singapore, Switzerland, and the US Department of Justice, put out your hand, and the evidence will be poured onto your hand. You won’t even be able to carry its weight.
Deliberate shortsightedness is a common trait shared by our cabinet and attorney-general. Are you suffering from it?
Appum: MACC, the rest of the commentators here have expressed enough doubt about the effectiveness, efficiency, and focus of your department. So I shall not repeat what they have said.
Dzulkifli, I would like to suggest instead that as the top man, you do not only see to the operation side of the organisation but plan methods, policies, and new directions for your department to move toward, so that the public can see the effectiveness of your organisation in the near future.
Obviously, our present system of operation and approaches is not an effective and efficient one. Like many have said here, the sharks and whales are not taken on, or they do not fear our present MACC at all.
Perhaps you, as the top man, should go and observe systems from other countries and change our system accordingly. My suggestion is that you visit Hong Kong and observe their system for yourself. Hong Kong was once a very corrupt country and now it has gotten rid of that image because of their effective anti-corruption methods. Go there, not to shop, but to study.
CQ MUAR: PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli announced he had collected a whopping RM1,585,014.49 in public donations to help him settle the RM300,000 he was ordered to pay in damages and cost related to National Feedlot Corporation's (NFC) defamation suit against him.
Bravo, Rafizi. The donations come from the hearts of all who appreciate the trouble and effort you went through in an attempt to nail all those corrupt politicians in Umno. Now that you have reached your monetary goal, we hope you will not be deterred, but continue to unravel the truth behind the NFC scandal. We strongly believe there is more to it than meets the eye.
Anonymous_1397613657: Rafizi, we all support you as we know you are fighting for justice. Use the money wisely to fight your court cases and continue exposing the scandals and corruption.
We are neither fools nor blind. We can differentiate right from wrong. Hope our judicial system is still intact in spite of the presence of a corrupt few. Fear not as God is almighty. Keep it up!
Yoda: Rafizi, it is good that you are transparent and accountable. What was the need to provide the ethnic breakdown of donors though? We are all Anak Bangsa Malaysia supporting a just cause.

Headhunter: If anything, this goes to show that Malaysians are waking up to corruption in high places and want to put a stop to it. This is also a good sign that analysts who fancied themselves as "experts" opining that corruption has little effect on voters could not be more wrong.
Bad news too, for BN. - Mkini

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