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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Turki Tong Sampahkan Malaysia


Malaysia complained to Turkey for deporting militants to KL 
deported from Turkey after trying to join (IS)

Turkey should follow intnl protocol
deport them to last port of embarkation 
inform country where deportees are sent to

Zahid Hamidi searching for 16 militants deported from Turkey.
According to police, suspects given option by Turkey to be deported to M'sia 
Many chose Malaysia due to visa-free agreements

Turkish embassy in KL did not respond for comment.

Pakistani detained for security offences
police found RM40k, 62 passports from various countries and 
machine for forging Immigration Department stickers.

My comments :  The whole world knows that the immigration policies in Malaysia are designed to serve the corrupt. 

The more "sampah sarap" foreigners come here, the more money some corrupted people can "pau" from these foreigners. Its a business. Everyone knows that.

If you want foreign workers  the "management fee" is about RM1,500 per worker. The management fees are of course paid to the "management consultants" who can get the workers visas processed for you.

The question is how did Zahid know that 16 militants were deported from Turkey to KL? The Turks did not share this info with Zahid.

So if Zahid can dig out this information through "intelligence" then why cant Zahid find the 16 militants who are hiding in Malaysia? 

Maybe they are hiding in Kampong Jawa using Javanese names? 
Sabiyar bin Marto? Darmuji bin Sarbini?

"According to police, suspects given option by Turkey to be deported to M'sia"

Wow! Banyak cantik. 

Why didnt the Turks tell them, "We are sending you back to your OWN Ti_  NIA  MA COUNTRY OF BIRTH" ??

Why send them to Malaysia? 

The answer is very simple : Malaysia is the Land of the Bodoh Immigration Policies. 

As long as you are a "muslim brother" you are welcome to enter the country. Terrorists, militants, religious satans, scammers, conmen, thieves, pick pockets or just plain morons you are welcome in Malaysia. As long as you are a 'muslim brother'. 

I have a simple solution to this problem.

1. Find those 16 militants and send them back to Turki.
2. If Malaysia has to deport any foreigners, for example illegal Javanese immigrants, then deport them to Turkey as well. Just to teach the Turks a lesson.

Conclusion : The moral of the story is bila awak  bodoh macam ini, orang akan berdiri atas bahu dan kincin atas kepala awak.

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