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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

1MDB Got Mani Or Not To Pay IPIC RM1.3 BILLION By Saturday?

This is from The Sun:

IPIC: 1MDB has to pay at least US$310m by Saturday

1MDB has to pay at least US$310m (RM1.3b) to IPIC by Sat
Aug 31, 2017 pay balance of US$292.73 million.

IPIC granted (MoF Inc) and 1MDB until Aug 31 to complete payment due by July 31.

extension subject to MoF, 1MDB paying US$310m before August 12, 2017

1MDB would sign another agreement for extension of time for payment to IPIC.

payment delayed because sale of units involved regulatory requirements.

My comments :  This means all those promises that the 1MDB problem will be solved in six months, will be solved by December 2016 etc are all just bullshit.

Selling the "units", selling Edra, the Bandar Malaysia land etc just did not hapen,

The Thingy says even the recent RM2.5 Billion bond by Bank Negara is facing problems raising all the funds.

Lets see if 1MDB can pay that US310 Million by Saturday.

Then their real crap will hit the fan again.

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