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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

UMNO Dah Mati. Pi Tanam Di Kawasan Buang Sampah !

The following are pictures of Pemuda UMNO's grand meeting in Melaka.  As you can see few people turned up. The dewan is empty.  There is no more money to dish out. Projek dan kontrak are becoming few and far between.   No money no come.

Ahli AJK garu teloq di depan, sambil menunggu ahli dan perwakilan 
masuk hadhir. Tapi ahli dan perwakilan tidak hadhir pun. 

 Sesi sudah bermula. Tetapi banyak kerusi masih kosong. 
UMNO sudah terkubur.

Hanya team pembodek dan pengampu Pemuda hadhir. 
Angkatan berat badan lapan kali ganda IQ

Of course these pictures (which have gone viral) were taken by an UMNO member.  They are rotting away from the inside. 

What will happen to UMNO when they lose the next elections? 
The UMNO party will die instantly. 
If they lose they do not have the capacity to restart themselves.

Lets say if UMNO / BN loses the general elections, many if not most UMNO members will join Bersatu, PKR or (the last choice) they will join PAS.   They are not in a position to reorganise themselves and to be "born again" in a new mould.

If these UMNO members join Bersatu, PKR or PAS they will bring with them the same bad habits that has destroyed UMNO in the first place. The cancer will travel with them.

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