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Friday, May 31, 2019

Next On The Great Iblis' List :Tajikistan

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Bottom Line Up Front:

May 19, 2019, prison riot in Tajikistan, left 29 dead, including ISIS supporters 

orchestrated by militants

Tajikistan seen jihadist violence over last few years

worrisome trend for future instability in the country. 

2nd deadly prison riot in six months in Tajikistan

a year since ISIS terrorist attack in Danghara district killed four 

Terrorism could spill over Tajikistan’s borders 
political violence and instability plaguing Central Asia.

Tajikistan increasingly authoritarian in past decade

Among 29 dead 2 senior members from Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT)

outlawed since 2015, members frequently charged with terrorism

Tajikistan poorest countries in Central Asia 
lack of socio-economic opportunities 
weak rule of law. 

Without opportunity for legitimate political opposition 
increasingly solidified authoritarianism
istifled political and religious freedoms 
result is fertile ground for extremists

Tajikistan produced hundreds of fighters joined IS in Iraq and Syria

growing presence of ISIS Khorasan Province in Afghanistan
growing foreign presence in Tajikistan, 
threatens Tajik sovereignty and, Central Asian autonomy.  

My solution :  It is simple. Go to the source and destroy the source. You do not need guns and bombs. Who would like to assist?

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