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Monday, January 13, 2020

Najib shows off Arab prince’s RM93 billion Indonesia deal

Indonesian president Jokowi Widodo with Sheikh Mohammad Zayed during the president’s visit to Abu Dhabi on Sunday. (Twitter pic)
PETALING JAYA: Former Prime Minister Najib Razak has highlighted news about a RM93 billion investment by Abu Dhabi in Indonesia while questioning Pakatan Harapan’s handling of Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan.
“Today, he invested RM93.5 billion in Indonesia. How much did Malaysia get?” Najib said in a Facebook posting featuring a news cutting of the deal.
News of the investment comes days after the government released a recorded telephone call allegedly between Najib and Sheikh Mohammed Zayed about matters related to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal.
Sheikh Zayed is Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the United Arab Emirates armed forces.
Najib said the crown prince had previously signed a settlement agreement by which all the funds from 1MDB that were allegedly lost would be returned by them before Dec 31 this year.
He added that Sheikh Zayed was one of the individuals named by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as conspirators involved in an alleged 1MDB cover-up.
Last week, MACC released audio recordings of nine telephone conversations featuring Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor, ex-MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad as well as Sheikh Zayed in discussions over dealings linked to 1MDB and SRC International.
Najib said Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng had stated he could not reveal the details of the agreement, despite having been challenged to do so before Najib went on trial on criminal charges related to SRC International.
“When I challenged him I had not been charged. Guan Eng was silent and did not want to respond,” Najib said.
He said the agreement with Sheikh Zayed proved that he had settled the problem with regards to 1MDB, so that not a single sen of its funds would be lost.
“After I was charged in court, he (Guan Eng) responded that he could not reveal (the details) because the case was already in court.”
Najib said PH wanted to cancel the settlement agreement “so that Abu Dhabi will not be able to have the 1MDB funds returned in a proper manner, and so that I would not be seen as having settled the problem”.
He added that, consequently PH had filed a summons claim against Abu Dhabi in London.
”Why? To continue the propaganda that Najib stole billions of 1MDB money,” he said. - FMT

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