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Saturday, November 30, 2019

2,296 people evacuated to 40 relief centres in Terengganu

KUALA TERENGGANU (Bernama): A total of 2,296 people from 648 families have been evacuated to higher grounds since floods hit Terengganu Friday (Nov 29), an increase from 875 people from 258 families last night.
They are being given temporary shelter at 40 flood relief centres which have been opened in four districts, with 21 of the centres in Besut.
According to the Social Welfare Department's InfoBencana, a total of 1,148 people from 290 families have been evacuated to the 21 flood relief centres in Besut until 8am Saturday (Nov 30), from only 457 people (113 families) at 10 relief centres last night.
The Setiu district also recorded an increase in flood victims, to 553 people from 189 families at 10 centres, from 362 people, involving 131 families last night.
The floods in Hulu Terengganu has forced 112 people (35 families) to be evacuated to five relief centres, from 48 people (12 families) at three centres last night.
In Dungun, four flood relief centres have been opened to accommodate 483 people from 134 families. As of last night, there were only eight evacuees.
Meanwhile, the water level at Sungai Besut in Kampung La has surpassed the danger level of 21.8m, at 23.41m, and Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap, Setiu, was at 21.5m, exceeding its danger level of 21m.
The Drainage and Irrigation Department, in its portal at http://infobanjir.water.gov.my/, stated that the water level at Sungai Dungun in Kuala Jengai was 22.45m, exceeding the danger level of 21m, while Sungai Setiu at Jambatan Permaisuri recorded a reading of 8.95m, above the danger level of 8.8m. - Bernama

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