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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Spirit of 'New Malaysia' gives rise to varsity party

Since the amendment of the University and University College Act, we, as students, finally have the freedom and authority to engage in political movement both inside and outside the campus. 
With the existence of many political parties, why do we choose to join the Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth (DAPSY)?
The main reason would be the glowing spirit of a ‘’New Malaysia’’ that we believe in and are experiencing. As students, who are always concern about the future of our country, we will not allow our beloved country to be once again ruled by a kleptocratic government.
Next, it would be the values that are shown by DAPSY leaders themselves. If you are a member of DAPSY you will definitely hear of this phrase, “No don’t call me YB”. Yes, you heard it right, not a single one of DAPSY leaders wants to be called YB even though they are one.

Well, I’m not sure about leaders of other parties but in DAPSY all of us are treated equally despite our differences in age, position and background. 
Not a single one of us were “asked” to join DAPSY. In fact, when we approached DAPSY we were told, “You can join us if and only if you believe in what we are fighting for”, by the National Youth chief of DAP. Well, that’s how most of us became members. We even had to go through a course to be accepted.
The number of university students joining the party are constantly growing in both public and private university with members from UM, UPM, USM, UUM, UMS, UMP, UTP, UiTM, Sunway University, BAC, Politeknik and Kolej Komuniti, among others. The fascinating part of this is that the student representative council members of the universities are most interested in DAPSY with even some of them being our ambassadors.
Unlike some former ruling parties who are trying to make a comeback, DAPSY’s top leadership don't make political announcements to the media first before they engage students. They engage first without pomp or fanfare.
Unlike top-down authoritarian power structured parties of old, the DAPSY leadership don't try to speak on behalf of the students, they empower and open opportunities for students to speak for themselves.
This is why, it is we, the students, who are announcing the presence of DAPSY in universities, and not like the way how the Umno Youth chief does. For his ego or his party, perhaps. 

Calvin Yeoh is DAPSY student leader.  - Mkini

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