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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Keadaan Menjadi Makin Keliru. Hello YB Dr Noraini Ahmad Chairman PAC - Kementerian Usahawan Kata You Tersilap Besar !! Macam Mana?

This is from The Star here  :   


CEO  “flying car” says not single sen public money was or will be used 

CEO said company did receive RM20m from Malaysian VentureTech 
investment was fully utilised for its drone business expansion

(OSTB :  Huh? So RM20m government money was received and was used for drones?)

We never approached Entrepreneurial Ministry for any assistance 
other than for framework, regulations on drones in Malaysia, he said

(OSTB : Tapi yang batal flight test E-Hang hari itu Civil Aviation brader. Bukan Menteri Usahawan. You must work with Civil Aviation, under Ministry Transport.)

statement by Entrepreneur Ministry Thurs night 
explain that RM20m allocated not for “flying car” (super drone) project 
ministry said funding was for R and D for new national car project
DreamEDGE chosen as anchor company, MIGHT leading it

(OSTB : Huh ? What is this? The Ministry says RM20m was for R and D on new national car project? DreamEDGE? What is that?)

ministry explained no allocation nor authority to approve fund for any drone 

This project is a private initiative and fully funded by local companies
The project does not involve any allocation from govt

(OSTB : Then why is the Minister so involved in this project? If it was a private sector project why did the Minister keep making so many announcements about this project?)

as such, not brought to National Development Council or Cabinet 
it does not require government approval, ministry said

(OSTB :  But  the CEO says they did get RM20m and they used it to expand the drone business - or that's what The Star has reported above.)

no need financial, intellectual property audit on Aerodyne as not govt venture
project does not involve allocation from ministry 
ministry will not suffer any losses if project fails to take off

(OSTB : I say brader, banyak cantik. The Ministry is not a private company. The Ministry is funded by tax payers money. The tax payer must not suffer losses.)

ministry aware of PAC findings and suggestions 
ministry preparing comprehensive feedback
information provided by ministry based on what (info) ministry has

CEO said closed RM125m Series B funding, included RM20m from VentureTech
CEO said development of air mobility vehicle put on hold since August 

(OSTB : If put on hold since August then what was that recent flight test all about? The one for which the CAAM did not issue a permit?)

Urban air mobility long-term journey
will not be mainstream until 2025
No reason to focus on this now he said

OSTB : No reason to focus on this now? 

Habis flying car jadi ke tak jadi?

So that RM20m money from MIGHT was used exactly for what purpose?

Ada resit tak to show how that RM20m from MIGHT was spent?

Who paid the money to bring that E-hang drone from China? 

So what was the purpose of bringing that E Hang drone the other day?

Was it just a gimmick?

Keadaan menjadi makin keliru.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/30/super-drone-project-is-privately-funded-says-aerodyne-ceo#UIhU6kbYTslEsRGs.99

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