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Friday, November 29, 2019

Calls for Pilah assemblyperson to resign malicious - village community chair

Negeri Sembilan’s opposition has gone overboard when it recently demanded that Pilah assemblyperson Mohamad Nazaruddin Sabtu resign for allegedly failing to carry out his duties.
Pilah state constituency’s village community management council chairperson Hasnan Abd Malek said the allegations were also aimed at achieving opposition’s political gains to undermine the stability of the state government under Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun.
He said the village council received full cooperation from Mohamad Nazaruddin (photo, above) and he was able to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to him.
“His health is improving... we are confident that he will be able to resume his duties soon with our support.

“I strongly believe that the demand for Pilah assemblyperson to resign at the State Legislative Assembly recently was malicious and in the interest of certain parties... attacks on social media also don’t reflect the actual situation,” he said.
He said this at a press conference at the Pilah state constituency community service centre today.
Hasnan said Mohamad Nazaruddin was not present as he had matters to attend to in Seremban.
On Tuesday, about 50 state Umno Youth members held a demonstration in front of the Wisma Persekutuan demanding that Mohamad Nazaruddin resigns as a people’s representative for allegedly failing to carry out his duties.
Meanwhile, commenting on the closure of the Pilah state constituency community service centre, Hasnan said it was only closed for two days and not for a week as reported on social media sites.
“The office has been closed for two days due to the appointment of new special officers as well as management restructuring of the state constituency, but it is still managed by Mohamad Nazaruddin,” he said.
Earlier, 23 village community management councils under Pilah state constituency together with Pilah PKR branch representatives expressed their support for Mohamad Nazarudin.
- Bernama

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