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Thursday, January 30, 2020


 ‘He works on an equation that by going to the extreme end, he may muster sufficient Malay votes.’

Veritas: PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang’s politics is to persistently activate the herd mentality in Malay-Muslims. PAS wants to corral Malays into a fenced-up mentality and keep them obeying leaders such as Hadi.
An interesting test of his poisonous ideas is to ask how many Malays cross the Causeway between Malaysia and Singapore to find basic work, and what is the nature of the flow.
The PAS leaders can’t even pay their civil servants without extracting the money from non-Malay sweat. So, it is clear and plain the Malays would settle for good leadership that provides them with some ease in life.
The parasitical, cruel Malay leaders cannot allow this to happen because they would end up as cow herders and not people who dress like wannabe Arabs in fancy Mercedes Benzes.
Instead of fighting against the idea of ‘ketuanan’ (supremacy), as any good moral person would do, Hadi is implicitly supporting all ‘ketuanan’ projects, such as ‘ketuanan’ Hindu in India, ‘ketuanan’ Han in China, and ‘ketuanan Yahudi’ in Palestine.
It’s time to replace the tuans (masters) in PAS and Umno. Or else, over time, we will find Muslims scrambling to live in non-Muslim areas of the world.
Mazilamani: Hadi, I cannot understand your motive to talk about cow and pig herders. To begin with, both are menial jobs for the uneducated with nothing much to show as income.
We are in an age of education and technology advancement. If people become cowherds, who would it reflect on but the educationally impoverished leadership?
China has a Muslim population larger than Malaysia, and the religion was brought into China just three decades after the death of the Holy Prophet, meaning Islam was striving in China centuries before it was introduced to ancient Malaya.
Don’t be surprised if the Chinese were the first to introduce Islam to our ancestors long before the Indians and Arabs. The signs may be there in eastern Peninsular Malaysia.
Now coming back to the pockets of Chinese population in Kelantan, have they ever attempted to influence the Kelantanese Malays in any way over the generations? The Chinese as I know have assimilated into the Kelantanese society and take singular pride speaking the Kelantanese language (dialect) and to some extent taken to practising its culture.
The non-Malays can never dream of taking over this country even in their remotest dream. They want to ride along with others, both in good and challenging times.
Hadi, as the man of the Holy Book, do you really think this is the right time to talk about herders? The problem in this country is not with the people but with politicians like you, talking out of season.
I am truly sorry to say that you have left a bad taste in the mind of every nation-loving Malaysian.
Anonymous_1541405466: If there was ever a poster child for the demise of intellectual capital and utter moral bankruptcy of the Muslim world, then Exhibit A would be Abdul Hadi Awang and Exhibit B, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.
These two individuals in two different parts of the Muslim world encapsulate the rot in the Muslim world.
The fact that this fascist, racist, xenophobe is one of the leading Islamic leaders in Malaysia just goes to show how far the Malays have sunk.
As someone born and raised in Malaysia; it is truly mind-boggling that any political leader can utter such words without anyone in the Muslim community, even batting an eyelid.
It is leaders like Hadi that will eventually cause people of his faith to lose their faith.
FairMalaysian: Hadi has been completely “Talibanised”. So, anything coming from him shouldn’t be a surprise.
He works on an equation that, by going to the extreme end, he may muster sufficient Malay votes. All he needs is a stronger dose of religion/race rhetoric, and it will do the trick. The little extra he needs to top it will come from MCA/MIC fools who care only for their own livelihood.
It is all about politics. Anyone using religion to gain votes leaves open the possibility of irredeemable stain and possibly earn the shame.
Religion, if considered and treated with reverence, should not be used as a political tool. Look at all those who are champions of religious politics, they are the ones who cause the most damage to the particular religion.
Left alone, it may have survived the taunts and bruises but greedy politicians know how it can cut deep into the vulnerabilities of man.
Iran and Saudi Arabia are Islamic nations but they are at each other’s throats, with the ideological Islam between them being as wide as Islam and any other religion.
Hadi may believe that his path to Putrajaya lies in flashing his Islamic credentials. Make no mistake, he detests the non-Malays and he makes no secret of it. He lives and sleeps as a hardcore racist and religion simply suits him to get his job done.
MCA and MIC are there to earn him a few votes but if he has the means to get at his dream without them, yes, he will dump them. He needs them only for the votes, and these people from MCA/MIC probably know that too.
Mat Md: Indeed, it is not appropriate to state that Muslims who live under cruel Muslim rule are treated better than Muslims living under non-Muslim rule.
The wholeness of an honest and just leader is not dependent on the religious faith that he professes. If a leader is corrupt and dishonest, whether he is a Muslim, Christian or Hindu, he would be a bad leader and a bad ruler.
Under the World Islamicity Rankings, Malaysia is placed at 47, Indonesia, 64, and Singapore, 22. It clearly shows that Singapore is placed in a more favourable position in complying with Islamic rules than Muslim countries.
Muslim Malaysian leaders should work doubly hard to raise Malaysia’s World Islamicity Rankings, not to boast and blare and make empty promises.

Hadi’s attack a diversion from PAS’ Mercedes Benzes

 ‘Hadi is worried that the public will see PAS leaders in their real state…’
David Dass: It is an analogy (cow and pig headers) destined to stoke the emotions. PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang knows the Muslim attitude to pigs.
Hadi will continue to say what he loves saying. He believes in Malay domination. He does not accept our Constitution. He feels that the Constitution was a document forced on the Malays by the British.
That the Malay rulers were always sovereign is irrelevant to him. That Penang, Sabah and Sarawak were ceded by Malay rulers to the British and that those states as well as Malacca were colonies of the British at the time of Independence is irrelevant to him.
That Chinese and Indian labour opened up the jungle and built the hard infrastructure of the country as well as providing the labour for our plantations and tin mines. That Chinese enterprise was, and continues to be, the backbone of commerce in the country.
That Sabah and Sarawak are predominantly Christian-majority states and joined Malaya to form Malaysia on terms of equality and freedom of religion.
Hadi also believes that all Malays feel the way he feels. He is wrong. The majority of Malays accept the Constitution. The majority of Malays believe in the rule of law. The majority of Malays accept non-Malays as equal citizens. The majority of Malays enjoy the multiracial diversity that is Malaysia.
Pakatan Harapan must provide the counter-offensive to the Hadi rhetoric. The old Umno strategy of trying to be more Malay and more Islamic than PAS has brought us to this dangerous state.
It is time for Harapan to roll things back. It is time to demonstrate to the Malays that multiracialism and moderation is better for them than racism and extremism.
Apanakdikato: The most relevant question that Muslim Malaysians must ask themselves is how long more they want to be treated like cows by PAS?
PAS leaders instruct Muslims to buy Muslim products but the same leaders indulge in ultra-luxury non-Muslim products such as top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz cars.
Unfortunately, just like backward countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan, the uneducated Muslim populace are easily misguided and tricked. A government can only be as good as the people who voted them in.
Anonymous 770241447347646: Hadi is worried that the public will see them in their real state, like how they use the money that they got from Putrajaya to buy luxurious cars for themselves and give themselves a huge bonus.
The issue is that they themselves have no capability to generate income for the state and its people. They are complete failures.
So, before the public realised their greed of the luxurious life with borrowed monies, they are diverting their attention by using this cow and pig herders analogy.
Kural: It is not gracious for a religious leader to use such examples as herding cows and pigs as legitimate distinctions for accepting or refuting subservience status.
It should normally be anathema for the likes of him with religion as his primary area of competence to think that anyone should be considered as inferior to another purely based on superiority of numbers and locality, unmindful of historical circumstances.
Such seems his parochial prejudices that it would be surprising if he could long retain leadership of an articulate and critical-minded following. It would have amusing if he had also included camel herding as a category as well.
PW Cheng: It is Hadi’s job to harp only on race and religion in order for PAS to survive. So long as PAS thinks the kampung folks are cows and they are the cowherds, their race-and-religion issue will persist and be exploited.
That’s why they are very afraid of making the education system better. Have you ever heard of PAS talking about improving our education system? They are only interested in tahfiz (religious) schools so that they can continue to lead them by the nose.
The country can go to the dogs like in Kelantan so long as they enjoy their 450SL (Mercedes Benz). They couldn’t care less of the country and the people. God forbid if PAS comes to power. We will be doomed and rank similar to Somalia.
R Venugopal: This is a very frightening speech by Hadi, and MCA and MIC should listen to this very carefully. Hadi is not interested in unity but inclined to divisive politics to grab power.
Now we all know how Hadi categorises the non-Muslims. It is very demeaning and cruel to describe others as pigs. May the Almighty bless him and give wisdom to his thoughts.
Kee Thuan Chye: How pathetically shallow and simplistic coming from a supposed national leader with decades of political experience. Is he talking to an audience of pig-headed people? Does he have no respect for their intelligence?
The Wakandan: Hadi knows what he is talking about. The theology that he exemplifies is one that has no compromise. It is us and them or them and us, whichever way you see it. This is the side of the religion that is so very dangerous.
Like it or hate it, he has followers. It is these followers that he wants to keep, that they may not be seduced by the seemingly popular aspect of liberalism.
He can be sure that they stay with him or PAS but he is counting too that he will get converts – to bring the open-minded Muslims to his idea of extremism. And he may be very well can do that if they see no future for them in the Harapan government.
RR: The Harapan government must implement forthwith the long-awaited Racial and Religious Harmony Act. The Attorney-General’s Office must burn the midnight oil to draft the Act without any further delay.
If this Act is in force, Hadi will be put behind bars until he reforms himself. Firstly, he must understand that the human race is one; only the colour and language are different.
Sadly, organised religions have divided us. As the Holy Prophet said, “To you your religion and to me mine.” Yet fanatics exploit religion for their selfish gain, more so in a multiracial multireligious society.
Therefore, we need this Harmony Act to maintain peace and harmony in the nation. In a democracy, all citizens are equal. This must be understood by all politicians.

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  1. Without a doubt, if this fella and his elks ever take power in Malaysia.....we all will become cow herders and pig herders....


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