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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, January 31, 2020

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ unfair to Palestine, says Putrajaya

Protesters burn pictures showing US President Donald Trump during a protest against the US Mideast peace plan, at the main road market in Jebaliya refugee camp, Gaza Strip, on January 28. (AP pic)
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian government has condemned a proposed peace deal between Israel and Palestine announced by US President Donald Trump three days ago, saying it was one-sided and favoured the Israeli government.
The Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement that the proposal – referred to as the “Deal of the Century” (DOC) by international media – was unacceptable and unfair to the Palestinians.
“Palestine, an aggrieved party that has been subjected to the prolonged Israeli illegal occupation, was never directly involved or even consulted in the formulation of the proposal,” the statement said, adding that the Palestinians have every right to reject it.
The statement also accused the US of rewarding Israel for its “illegal occupation” at the expense of the Palestinians.
“The proposal is clearly unfair to the Palestinians and will only perpetuate the injustices they have long endured.“
Putrajaya maintained that the creation of an independent state of Palestine through the two-state solution was the only viable option to resolve the Palestine-Israel conflict at the Gaza Strip.
The two-state solution was a proposal based on the pre-1967 border, also known as “the Green Line”, with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.
The demarcation line was set out in the 1948 Armistice Agreements between the Israeli Army and its neighbours such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.
The statement added that Malaysia would continue to support efforts for a fair solution to the conflict based on international laws and relevant United Nations resolutions through negotiations with the parties concerned.
Recently, the chief of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Ismail Haniya formally met with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Putrajaya to discuss further support for the Palestinian cause. - FMT

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