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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Pakistani man tortured, castrated by group of strangers


A 32-year-old man, a Pakistani national, has been hospitalised after his genital was severed by a group of unknown men in Klang, Selangor, recently.

A friend of the victim, Rizwan Ahmad, had lodged a police report on Monday and related the incident to Malaysiakini.

According to Rizwan, the incident began with the victim sitting alone near the Alam Impian Mosque on Sunday night, when he was approached by four men.

They asked him several questions, such as whether he is married and whether he had intercourse with his partner while in Malaysia.

The victim replied that he is married and his partner is in Pakistan, and he never had sexual relations while in Malaysia.

“After that, one of the suspects demanded that he takes off his shirt and pants. After that, go up and down, up and down (ketuk ketampi, a form of corporal punishment similar to squats) 10 times.

“After 10 times, he (my friend) pulled his pants back on.

“(The suspect) said ‘I never told you to put on your pants. Why did you put on your pants?’” Rizman said.

He said the suspect then asked him why his penis was not erect, to which the victim replied that he could not react.

The suspect then said since the victim’s penis could not erect, he wants to cut it off because he considers it useless.

“He (the victim) begged them not to cut off (his genital). ‘My legs can be cut, my hands can be cut’,” Rizman continued.

Despite his pleas, the suspect cut off the man’s penis and tossed it aside.

“After (the suspect) is done cutting, they ran away,” he said.

Asked why the victim did not attempt to escape the encounter, Rizman said the suspects had restrained him by holding both his arms.

The man passed out due to pain

His friend had also passed out due to pain before managing to call other friends for help.

His phone had been tossed to a nearby area, but the victim managed to retrieve it despite the excruciating pain.

He then sent his location to his friends, who took about half an hour to locate the scene of the crime.

Asked about the missing penis, Rizman said it has yet to be found.

“We didn’t find it. Many of us went and even the police were there. The police helped with the search but to no avail either.

Rizman added that the victim is a kind man and is confident that he has no enemies.

According to Rizman, his friend was brought to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang before being transferred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The victim holds a UN High Commission for Refugees card. His family in Pakistan has yet to learn of the incident.

Selangor CID chief Fadzil Ahmad confirmed that police have received Rizman’s report, and the investigation is ongoing to establish the motive of the attack.

“But to confirm the incident - it really happened,” Fadzil told Malaysiakini when contacted. - Mkini

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