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Friday, May 20, 2022

Ex-envoy: Appointing Tajuddin as ambassador not a good move


Appointing Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman as Malaysia's ambassador to Indonesia is not a good move by Putrajaya, according to a former diplomat.

Speaking to Malaysiakini on condition of anonymity, the retired ambassador said such an important position should be filled by someone with vast experience and training.

"Looking at the personality of the person that is being appointed, I am of the opinion that he is not suitable to fill such an important position, which is to represent Malaysia as its ambassador to Indonesia," said the career diplomat, who had served as Malaysia ambassador to several countries, including countries in the region.

Malaysiakini had contacted the experienced envoy to seek comments on the government's decision to appoint Tajuddin (above), who is an Umno politician, as Malaysia's diplomatic representative in Jakarta.

The move has since attracted brickbats, with many people questioning Putrajaya's choice and calling for the prime minister to explain the decision.

Tajuddin had confirmed to Malaysiakini of his appointment but did not respond to requests for his comment on the criticisms.

‘This approach is not good’

The former ambassador also said that a political appointee like Tajuddin is usually given such posts not because of their merit but as a reward.

"This approach is not good because the position of an ambassador is not (for a person to be a) toothless tiger but comes with daunting tasks that require training and vast experience," he added.

Tajuddin, 74, is considered a controversial political figure in the country and is well known for his antics.

In 2016, he sparked outrage with his remarks in the Parliament when he called Seputeh MP Teresa Kok "the only woman with a 'Kok'".

Last year, Tajuddin was sacked from his position as chairperson of the government’s public transportation company Prasarana Malaysia Bhd following remarks deemed insensitive in the aftermath of an LRT collision in Kuala Lumpur that left dozens of passengers injured. - Mkini

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