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Thursday, May 12, 2022

I am still Malacca CM - Sulaiman


Malacca Chief Minister Sulaiman Md Ali today denied speculation that he has resigned from the state's top executive post.

In his first official statement since the rumour started last week, Sulaiman said he regarded such speculation as an attempt to disrupt Malacca's stability.

"I want to stress here that I am still the chief minister of Malacca and will continue to give my best in serving the state as per the wishes of the party (Umno) leadership.

"I deny claims that I have resigned as the chief minister. This allegation is to disrupt the stability of the Malacca government, which I have been leading since the 15th state election,” he said.

Sulaiman added that such issues should not arise at a time when Malacca Umno and BN are focusing their resources and efforts to win back parliamentary seats in the state which they lost in the 14th general election.

"My willingness to listen to the views of all politicians in Malacca should not be taken as a weakness, but instead, seen as a strength towards yielding the best decisions," he said.

Rumours of resignation

Sulaiman's statement came days after rumours started spreading that he was allegedly forced to resign from the chief minister's post.

Prior to this, a similar rumour was also circulating claiming that there was a move to oust Sulaiman by another party leader, who was said to be eyeing his position.

Despite not holding any senior position in Malacca Umno, the party's top leadership chose Sulaiman to helm the state again after Umno emerged victorious in the state election in November last year.

Sulaiman also called on all Umno members to focus on strengthening the party and winning the next general election rather than play politics. - Mkini

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