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Thursday, June 30, 2022

PKR polls: Hans Isaac front runner in Ampang division chief contest


The unofficial vote counts for the PKR Ampang re-election that was held yesterday have placed actor Hans Isaac as the front runner for its division chief post.

The result, published on PKR's dedicated website for its party elections, showed that Hans is leading with 748 votes, followed closely by another celebrity Altimet with 746.

Prior to the re-election, Hans was in second place behind Daing Muhammad Reduan Bachok.

Daing received a total of 942 votes then, while Hans received 609 and Altimet, or real name Syed Ahmad Abdul Rahman, came in third with 589.

However, following allegations of ethical violations in the division election, the PKR election committee had set up an investigation panel which later found Daing involved in "vote-buying".

The committee chairperson Dr Zaliha Mustafa reportedly said that re-election had to be held as Daing's win was invalidated by the finding. He was also barred from running in the re-election.

Hans, 51, joined PKR in 2020 and it was previously speculated that he would contest in the Ampang parliamentary constituency in the 15th general election.

Altimet, 43, joined the party in April last year, together with a fellow entertainer Afdlin Shauki.

The re-election also saw three other candidates competing for the Ampang PKR division chief post, namely Abdullah Md Zain, Sam Hoo Wai, and Abdul Latif Shaari, while another candidate Abdul Halim Mohamed Yusof had withdrawn from the contest. - Mkini

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