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Friday, August 5, 2022

Dr Mahathir Announces Getah. What Happened to Pejuang?


Dr Mahathir announced formation of Gerakan Tanah Air (GTA)

(OSTB : Getah is easier to remember).

loose political group aims to go against Umno in 15th general election.
movement will contest 120 parliamentary seats, won by Umno in peninsula

My Comments:    

won by Umno in peninsula?  So what about Sabah? Tak laku in Sabah kut? 

Here is some elections information:

"In Malaysia, the deposit is RM 10,000 to contest a parliamentary seat and RM 5,000 to contest a state assembly seat"

The other day Pejuang lost ALL their deposits in the Johor State elections. That is a required entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. I dont know if ever before in the electoral history of Malaysia a political party lost all its deposits in all the seats it was contesting. Tahniah Pejuang.

Now to contest in 120 Parliamentary seats, Getah is going to lose 120 x RM10,000 = RM 1,200,000. 

Wow! They must be very rich. 

But look at that picture. Pasal apa nak tunjuk penumbuk? Why do you want to show your fist? Mahu pukul siapa? What is wrong with you?

Ok lah - kalau Melayu, then Melayu are Islam. So why not just say Salam? Peace. 

Instead of showing your fist? 

Understand Quran konon. Pi dah mabuk.

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