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Sunday, April 29, 2012

the blame-game begins...

First of all it is not about laying the blame  on who started the chaos, but why ?  And all that hype about protesters whacking a couple of policemen got their fellow comrades going on a rampage against the protesters and media both local and foreigners alike, yesterday. 

It's no point saying the protesters started the fight first, had the cops been more civil and not treated them with due respect or place barbed razor wires at strategic places barring all to peacefully march. Can we blame that moron of a mayor for not allowing the use of a public field, the Dataran Merdeka to it's citizens to gather ? Or can we blame that wimp of a prime minister who conveniently disappear to "make" deals in election campaigns with the rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak ? Or we can simply lump it on the PDRM who as usual are abiding to the ruling government's wishes ?

My disappointment is, although officially the organisers of Bersih3 had announced at 3:30 that the message in numbers was clear and had been sent to the ruling party and Ambiga had gone on to tell the participants to disperse,  many stayed behind to mock the police and thought they were at a picnic which eventually culminated into that stand-off. 

It will be premature to conclude anything now.....as both sides have "stories" to tell claiming innocence and given time to "cover-up"the evidence.....as in the case of the many confiscated memory chips from video-cams and cameras of journalists both local and foreign by the police. But the damage has been done and the world already knows all that happened  thanks to our high-tech  social networking technology today.  
Just see this clip and one wonders why these cops take such great pleasure to senselessly beat the shit out of a defenseless participant ....as an  example. 
You be the judge.

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